I'm building Niles

His bow and refine

Swift sparrow 2 or 3
Special spiral, or a lull or less expensive desperation or vantage for mages
A c skill that can boost atk or spd
I love him and I’m really happy over his resplendant

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You probably already have him at +10. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his original artwork and I never really cared for his character, I didn’t hate him either. He was a dirty talker but they censored alot of what he said and it made him sound a little silly. Honestly if he were more vulgar I feel like I would have liked him more. One of his lines in Feh he talks about how wearing white invites mudslinging and I think it’s supposed to be dirty, but i didn’t get it. He’s a good looking guy in Fates that much I can say, and he has a really good resplendent, bless Suekane. His daughter I really like, she reminds me of me. That’s what makes me like him more, through his daughter. He’s also pretty good in Fates, I find him especially useful in conquest on Lunatic.

Here’s his very dashing art

He is still at +7 :sweat_smile: but still
I share the same thoughs
Also I still love this artwork :heart_eyes:

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I thought it meant something along the lines of purity being easier to corrupt, like dirt on a pure white garment, and I too choose to interpret this as being dirty

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How is this?

This is pretty scary imo. Boost his atk and res sky high + shining bow effect, and will proc glacies every round if he wins the speed check. Once he dips into desperation range, foe can’t even retaliate before special.


I didn’t know what to think of it, he’s a vulgar character so I assumed it was just making him say something dirty in an abstract way since the game…has young players?

That is a really good build and keep in mind that his resplendent gets +2 to all his stats. He’s defiantly a good glacies nuke

Yes, FEH is the pinnacle of chastity
For whatever reason they’ll give us questionable art but keep the dialogue modest so I’m just as lost as you on this


True…idk why. It’s an odd choice, but the fan base is also boys/men

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It’s not even that. The series has always had this weird aversion to sexual dialogue. The only explicitly lewd text we have in FEH is literally the word Lewd in Plumeria’s title. Aside from that, the most, and afaik, the only direct reference to anything remotely sexual in the series is Yuri’s profile in 3H mentioning that his mother was a prostitute


That’s weird tho, you put in all this work and add waifu aspects to the game, through character design or gameplay or otherwise and they’re afraid to make a character say anything sexual.

It does have to be anything like, I suck D, but they shouldn’t feel the need to tiptoe around adult themes. Especially considering they also made Fe4.

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That’s the weirdest part. FE 4 & 5 exist, but they still shy away from a lot of mature themes. Neither of the Jugdral games were explicit about anything, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out how messed up things were in there. Maybe they decided they wanted to keep things mostly tame in the series going forward except Fates skinship, but I think most people would rather forget about that

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If we’re talking about builds for Niles, something like this might also be good alternative.

It gives him a much needed DEF boost, thanks to Sturdy Impact and Lull Atk/Spd, bumping it up all the way up to 41 when he’s the one attacking, which is impressive considering how pitiful Niles’ DEF stat is to being with, not only that but it also negates the enemy’s ATK and SPD boosts, as well as denying them a follow-up attack.

Not only that, but the Lull Skill combined with the Spd/Res Solo give him a whooping 55 SPD and 55 RES on both phases, making him a extremely good RES wall.

Time’s Pulse 3 combined with his refine effect, allow him to fire off a powerful Iceberg special every time he initiates combat (as long as he wins the SPD check, which he should be able to do with 55 SPD), regardless whether the foe can counter-attack or not.


That’s very well thought out, the lull makes it so that he can run +atk and still double, his res is super high(something I forget) and he has true damage. So thats fun. I have all these skills avaliable too.

First of all, your initial writing just cracks me up. I also completely overlooked his skin colour was off until people mentioned it. I personally always wanted a Niles, so I kind of cooked up some ideas for him as well.

I’m not big on Brazen 4. It requires you to have the HP requirement down first, and it won’t always go down like that in a real match. Deadeye is a really good special because it tells Damage Reduction to go ■■■■ itself, but it also depends that your Dmg is pretty high to begin with.

Something I would have gone with, personally, at least in terms of Fury 4/Glacies and Spd/Res Solo. He’s not a character that can really take hits, so Desperation works well with him. Having SS and Deadeye at 1 count assumes he doesn’t mind potentially taking a hit, and it also assumes he’ll oneshot with it.

He’s also a character I kind of always liked, but he’s not exactly high on my list. I really like Ignis/Glacies bombs, like Felicia and Henry.


That’s really good, but consider this. Yo give him more damage give him flashing blade 4, and a speed refine. Maybe

That only basically translates to 5 extra Dmg without the strengths of the extra 4 Atk/Res (compared to Fury 4), and not to mention it feels kind of a waste when you already have FB built into his weapons, since it doesn’t stack.

I’m assuming that has something to do with Deadeye.


Oh, yeah. I was talking about a build that gave more smh for deadeye. His bow still does 7 true dmg so that’s at least 12 points