I'm cancer

Free Peony. Ok.
Another +Res -HP Peony with 30 orbs = :feh_ohgod:
I’m a dumdum :feh_legion:
I no merge :feh_nini:
What should I do?


Fish :feh_flaynfish:

Res is nice on her.
But you aren’t merging what?

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I’ll toss your fish back into the Ocean.


A child drinking a smoothie?

Not merging because what I’d assume f2p guides since PM mentioned he is going to be using her in his guides

If that’s the case, keep neutral.

Double Cancer in Light AR :feh_royyes:

That’s what Eir is for.

Dancer Cancer
Eir + L! Azura = Madness

I don’t understand what these pictures have to do with anything. :pensive:

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I’m sleeping now, so goodnight. :feh_nini: