I'm Just Looking for Heeeeeeelp~~~


Edit: Please reply here with your IGN or something so that I know who to accept!!!

Just did some trimming on the ol’ Friends List
Got 13 openings I’m looking to fill.

Support List

One of my most-relied on Players disappeared from my FL, so in addition to newbies who I can help, I’m also looking for some help in return.

Servants I typically look for most are:
Waver (Max Level 10/10/10) MLB Chaldea Lunchtime
Merlin (Max Level 10/10/10) 2030
Drake (Max Level Skill Level Irrelevant) MLB Mona Lisa

Players I look up to for Support have these traits (basically Players I would send requests to):
Lineups containing multiple Servants listed above
Lineups containing Niche Servants with majority of skills maxed, and mostly NP2+ if SSR
Strong SSR Sabers maxed out (Preferably Buster-Oriented like Mordred, Musashi, Altera)
Someone with a 10/10/10 Max Grailed Euryale
Lineup constantly running Leonidas or George so that I can try solo Servant runs
And of course, NP5 SSR Lineups

Friend Code: 642,539,715

Seriously guys.
Reply with your IGN if you’re sending a request so that I know who to accept.


you can try and have a look and see if you’re interested =/

i have drake at 1/1/1 but no mlb mona lisa yet only 2 copies
lancetoria is 8/4/10
tesla is 6/7/10
raikou is 6/10/8
main pride and joy quetz 6/6/10

i can also put george at lv 1 if you want too =/


Didn’t see this edit until later. IGN is Aimi.


Hello, I added you. My IGN is Rationale. Thank you.





Did you send a request?


Username is Comi. I’ll switch Ushi to Drake after the event ends.


Oissble to add me too : 351,321,393 :) ?





Request sent.

11 Slots left

Got 7 Requests from the following. IDK if they’re anyone here on GG.
Lusi Lvl 117
Evil Lvl 101
Gudayco Lvl 117
Buki Lvl 131
Kyarus Lvl 104
Forte Lvl 8
kiet Lvl 67

Still looking for 2-3 more Players who I can also get Support from too.


I’ve got a 10/10/10 Max Grailed Euryale. I hope to get a MLB Mona Lisa at some point (have Drake), but probably going to be a while. IGN: Bran




I sent a request, IGN’s Buki.
This is my support:



aaand accepted


Sent you a request. IGN is Makoto.
Currently I have the Event supports, but I also own Waver 10/10/10, Merlin 7/4/10 (QP Hell, he’ll be 10/10/10 soon) so maybe I can be of help or use. I’m F2P so I don’t have high NPs, but I’ve been very lucky with some servants. I own Musashi, Mordred, Salter for sabers too.

Edit: trying to put up my screenshot of my usual supports.
Sometimes I switch Sanson for MHX.


Sent you a request, same name as on here. Here’s a shot of what I typically have on my support list outside of events.

Unfortunately, I’m in QP, Gem, Material, AND Ember HELL right now. 2019 seems to be making up for my poor luck last year since I pulled several new Servants the past two months with minimal tickets and SQ (though I still failed to get Merlin, Musashi, and King Hassan) so a lot of my newer Servants are either severely underleveled or have mid-level skills like Orion and MHXA.


Thank you~





im sending rn :S
actually forgot cause i was outside when reading your post :sweat_smile:
ign is same as here



5 slots left guys.

Looking now for someone with MLB Mona Lisa Drake.


again give me like 3 months or slightly more
could even get np 2 if i try


Got 1 slot left in my friends list.

First come first serve.