I'm leaving until CYL4 blows over

Why am I getting salty over a ■■■■■■■ pointless banner? I shouldn’t. If anything or anyone is stupid, it’s me. TH wins so ■■■■■■■ what, it’s no skin off my back, I can just fodder them. How petty and rude to I have to be to be mad at characters I don’t even need to summon
But it doesn’t matter now because I already made people hate me in another thread. It’s all ■■■■■■■ pointless now, I let my anger go first and I pissed people off because of it. I’m such a ■■■■■■■ dumbass.
I’m sorry for being so salty, and bitchy guys. I know you guys don’t care and will probably forget about it tomorrow but I don’t care, I’m ■■■■■■■ sorry. I cried my eyes out from being a disappointment to my family yesterday, and I guess I’m still not over it. So I took my anger out on you guys or something like that, idk.
Whatever, I’m sure you guys don’t care anyway. My opinion is wrong, I know that. So whatever. I’ll leave for now. You guys will be better off without me for the time being, this CYL is bringing out the worst in me…


I don’t think it’s hate,but you shouldn’t expect everyone to agree with or understand your opinion,so why let it bother you,Cyl is all about popularity so it only makes since that there characters are going to be at the top in the polls.



Its probably good for you, yourself, to take a breather from these kind of sites. Its not intend as hate but online its hard to distingush but if youre already upset its sure gonna feel like it…

Like listen,I mean this in the best possible way, but being on the internet while upset a horrid way to try to stop feeling bad
especially when you cant distance your emotions for yourself from your emotions for a popularity contest
Like take some time to just chill outdoors or read a book just give yourself some time that you arent giving yourself backlash

Can i suggest trying to tear thru paper thats folded like 8 times across the thick side it tends to birn off my overly exacerbated energy from bad days pretty well


Well, it’s okay to be disappointed about not having your favourite character have the most votes, but don’t stress about it too much eh?

Also, I’m sure nobody hates you here. We all have our moments of saltiness (myself included), so don’t go hating yourself or anything over it.

If you really think a break is in order, then do so. I don’t want you getting hurt or something due to stress. If there’s any personal stuff that’s affecting you, then try to sort that out first.

I hope you feel better soon. :grin:


Look I think that a break would be very good. Just come back when CYL4 is over. And just so you know, we don’t hate you, and none of us are mad. So I guess I’ll see you after CYL

While it’s true that your opinions and judgment on what units you should fodder and to whom, what units you pull for and use, and how you play the game hasn’t really been the greatest, I don’t think this one of those times.

Liking cyl or not liking it is pretty subjective, and you can care about or not care about it as much as you want.

For some people, I think it’s their chance to celebrate their favourite characters and have their voice be heard by the devs, because that feeling is pretty rare.

I personally don’t put much weight into it. I mostly hope the units aren’t too broken, mostly because I don’t want to have to pull for any of them and thus I won’t have to deviate from regular play-pattern too much. But that’s just me, and I still vote random characters I like, completely ignoring who people want me to vote for or what other people are voting for, mostly because I think it’s fun to reminisce on how great some of the characters were the last time I played the actual games.

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I dont hate you shield. I love you. You express the thoughts Im often to sensable to let out.

Take this :feh_reinthink:. Its my favorite thing after all. See you soon.

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Btw Shieldy, I spared him a vote
The rest still going to Marth