I'm low key going to love Mirabilis

She’s probably going to be my new main Dancer over L.Azura… I just kinda wish it also lowered the foes Spd also… but you can’t have everything you want. But I must say I was testing her in some of the L/M Abyssal’s and she work’s wonderfully especially on one’s with unit’s that gather up a lot… like the starting foes in Mila’s Abyssal

I was going to make this a post talking about how insane her weapon’s effect work’s super great for my Oboro tanking everything even more than before but figured you are all tired of reading about me talking about my Oboro tanking everything… but I did pretty much have Oboro solo Líf’s abyssal thank’s to Mirabilis’s weapon’s effect, the Blue mage and the Cav Bow unit where annoying tho and had to use someone else to kill them