Im the best player in the world :catknife:
It was a long grind, but it was fun tho, now to rot in Masters until I can get better gear and think about fun teamcomps to use :catdestroy:


Grazie. The PvP teams from Master 5 onward are really quite dull and braindead. Well, maybe they aren’t, meta-speaking, but they bore the heck out of me by how often you see identical teams and characters used over and over again. You better start enjoying dealing with arbiter Vildred, outrider Krau, Kayron and fallen Cecilia in various compositions in almost every match.

Edit: Like, talk about repetition. Did 3 random refreshes, notice the repeating trend in enemy teams.
Like, I’m unbothered by teatime Tenebria, Celine, fallen Cecilia and seaside Bellona since my holiday Yufine, SSB and Roana easily deal with their mechanics most of the time. But this amount of repetition and meta optimization bores me immensely.

Ah those are easy to clap, Eda can dispel FFC barriers and Kayron Immortality, Arby is gonna die of my Lilibet or Sigret, not worried about any of that at all :catdance:
Just that I’m gonna get outspeed most likely pretty often so I gotta find something else :catknife:

Welp, aye, having enough speed is a pickle in PvP. Arena shop sells a level 88 speed set you can buy and get a decent start. For the rest you’ll likely have to use CR boosters. In my case holiday Yufine (my fastest unit at 215 speed) and Roana’s passive are often enough to land a few cleaves ahead of time and take out a unit or silence some others with regular Yufine.
If I really need a speed boost, I replace Roana with Flan for her S2 40% CR boost (my 2nd fastest unit with 172 speed… Though looking through the roster, I should really move that speed set from Alencia to Flan someday :confused: Alencia has no use sitting on 214 speed when she needs health sets).
And if even hYufine +Flan combo isn’t enough to outspeed and outperform the enemy team, I just shrug these off as too much effort and pick another.

wait wut, you outspeed people in Masters with 215?
My Flan and Alots are both 230-ish
Seems like I don’t have problems then :catdance:

Well, in most cases the hYuffine manages to go first, 2nd or rarely 3rd. Though I didn’t get higher than master 2 due to too much effort required.

That’s then way more doable than I first thought, thats dope then :catdance:
I didn’t even refine any gear yet, so I can get alot faster :catknife:

If I ever get that high in arena then I should just do the immortal tananor royal guard strat or the immortal sven strat for the lols :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

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I’m more scared of Basar and Roana/Politis/Tsurin cause enemy Tustin alway seem to trigger Alexa Basket and yeet my team

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Gotta get my Sol ready for Tsurins then :catknife:

You haven’t encountered CR pushed Tsurin with 4K+ atk and 300 crit damage

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Just gotta be faster than Basar and have mid Spd on Sol :catdestroy:

Most Basar builds are like 260+ speed

thank god I have Hyufine