Im new is there any good units below 4 stars that outclass 4 stars?

Guys i need some advice of which 1,2 and 3 stars should i upgrade that can outclass or at least replace a certain 4 star

need more specific criteria - which 4* 1st of all, counter classing is an important game mechanic

outclass in what way? aoe dmg, st dmg, support skills, tanking, survivability

Support - Hans & Parcelsus to be released Asclepius
AoE-Arash & spartacus
ST-Robin (if target is poisoned) euryale If target is Male


Caesar in JP do a truck load of NP damage compare to most 5*


Just like Ibanezguy said, do you have any specific Servants in mind? What 3* do you have at NP5 yet (specially story locked ones).
Which SRs do you have that you want to outclass?

General rule is to raise Arash and Spartacus for farming.
Euryale for male nukes.
Cu as a CQ last stand.
Robin for Yeet Bow

Invlude the advice mentioned above,

  • David can be a useful support since he has a teamwide evasion skill.
  • Bedivere can hit pretty hard if you buff him right a use a NPBB hand.
  • Medea is a peerless buff remover, NP spamming capable
  • Mash is best kouhai and defense support

Hans is a hilariously good support that stands up with most of the 4 and 5 stars baring the card rangers.

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Robin NP damage is one of the best, Ushiwakamaru also better than most of 4 star Rider in ST damage(outclassed by Kintoki and Ryouma only), Lancer Cu outlive almost every other lancer(Ransa ga shinda… Janai),

For caster support - Hans is mini Merlin( he will gain target able NP + Star gain upgrade next year), Paracelsus( art support and NP gain support), Mozart (1 turn art and star support), Shakespeare (Buster support),



Hmm im actually kind of new i have played for 3 days currently i have emiya valkyrie and also deon i justw anted to know if there are any good 3 stars that can help to farm but since i dont have many ascension materials yet i just wanted to know which servants are good for helping newbie players

I have robin i will invest in him then thx for the info

If “farm” then arash and spartacus. If challenging content - George.

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Somehow after playing for 3 days i havent got hans but if i get him i will use him thx for the info

I have david i will use him too at some point but How do u turn mash to 4 star do i have to complete certain missions ??

Hmm i will try arash then since i actually have him

Ok then thanks for the info

Finish Camelot main quest, unlock, upgrade Mash skills, NP
Apply all def up buff from her and your team won’t get hurt from AOE NP :fgo_badciv:

Oh j need to get to camelot ok then thx for the info

Say hello to Sir Bedivere, he hit pretty much like a truck.
Ushiwakamaru is also a pretty good one, she also hit like a truck.
And Hans is a amazing support.
More people will tellnyou about others

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Invest in Euryale as she is a massive help against a lot of the bosses in camelot. Other than that invest in Hans for sure when you get him. All the other servant suggestions are also excellent options for you.

The next piece of advice isn’t strictly related to servant suggestions but take your time going through the singularities and building up the level of your servants. Camelot has a notriously high difficulty spike that can completely wipe out unprepared masters.

Other than that i’d say just set yourself small goals to work towards, for example, I want to get X servant to X level. These goals help you improve your roster in a meaningful way instead of falling into the pitfall of trying to level up too many servants at once and spreading yourself to thin and being left with a load of underleveled servants. Far better to have a small group of maxed out servants that you can comfortably get through singularities with than a large group of ones that can’t clear the content you are on.

If you need friend supports there is a thread dedicated to that and you can also leave your friend code in this thread and people will prob add you if they have room.

In addition, to what everyone said, I’ll add Babage to recommendations, after clearing his Interlude and Rank Up, his NP hits like a truck