Im new to this game

Are any of these characters good and which should i but on a team

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Free Spirit Tieria is a really good farmer, same with Vildred so I would prioritize both

Motmorancy is also someone I would build too so when you unlock her Specialty Change she’ll be really good

Free Spirit Tieria, Ras, Vlidred, Montmorancy are a good team comp for starter players. Ras and Montmorancy (moomoo) both have a specialty change which make them better, but it’ll take awhile for ras’s SC change (its worth the grind though). Luckily this latest update is allowing moomoo to access her SC change at lv30 which use to be at lv50 which gives alot of new players like yourself a very good healer on the house without all that star level up roadblock to contend with.

An added note: there is also the journal feature in the game that has all the units ingame to date which you can see all their stats at max lv and can check out there movesets which you can test out. Best way to experience how that unit plays and to see if you want to obtain them later on when their banner drops.

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Is elena good she is in the picture i got her from a summon a while back and what banner should i summon on

Elena is a counterpick hero so she’s sorta niche, but not bad

Uhh I would say wait since I think there will be a collab later, and you get free 10 summons to maybe get new heroes to level