I'm not more princess

It is no secret that Sheena is one of my favorite women of all time. She is in my top 10 all over the Fire Emblem and top 5 in the New Mystery.

I wanted to invest in it. But it would be fine for later. But it happened that on the way I won a devoted Faye and on the last banner I won L. Edel.

And she as Ogma gave me a boost with her late Bst. But nothing that prevents you from building a favorite character and is ■■■■■■■ himself for current Prf. The important thing is to support S with your favorite character and have fun.

I now have 5 copies of it to merge. Four more to go. But I think that as the whole flag pulls green for those who know how to get out of Minerva and now pulling Pent for all the heroes of the Elibe flag, more can come. Now taking out B. Marth. I will invest in the heroes I already gave DF and skills without worrying about other flags. Now I can save all sorts of resources.

Now I just have to hold on to not line up Shinon or Duessel for Slot A Her.

About her story and why I like it. Go play your lazy.

She is no longer a princess, she is a Goddess.


Are you using Crimson Axe just for the slaying effect for Bold Fighter + Galeforce?

Consider brave axe or ninja axe for quadding?


Crimson Axe is a dual phase weapon so nothing entirely wrong with using it


Oh wow I don’t know why I didn’t notice the “or foe’s hp = 100%” part! I have her at +10 and never noticed it wasn’t just EP :man_facepalming:


Hey, still mix phase even if you only get the refine eff when the foe has 100% hp on pp


He could also slap QR seal on her if he wants mixed phase.

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I thought just that. But Qr is in Sonia. I thought about putting some soil on or I don’t know. But only at +1 am I having fun. I need to farm feathers. As units I support are strong without. I think I will support her.

Thinking of giving it to Solo Atk / Def or Def / Res. Then I would put the Qr on the seal.