I'm pretty satisfied, but any improvement ideas?

So yeah

Alondite and Black Luna for obvious reasons,
Steady Breath for CD Reduction
Wrath for CD Reduction and additional damage
Ward Armor, for an armor team
and fierce Stance for additional damage

obviously build for enemy phase, tho Black Luna + Wrath is almost a guaranteed one-hit KO, even on player phase


Improvement ideas?


Edit: Don’t mind me my idea please I’m ■■■■■■■■
I like the build, easy and effective.
Being a physical wall is good thought, he’ll struggle a little bit against mages, but shouldn’t be the biggest problem if you give him Armor Buffs.

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I’d go with Slaying Edge and Special Fighter set up. Maybe even Special Spiral.

But keep Steady Breath? or maybe Distant Counter
also what refine? +spd or +def? or something different?

I’d go with Warding Breath for the increase in resistance.

I’d go with DC and refine Def.

do 4 res really matter that much tho? blue and most red mages one shot him anyways

sounds good
time to pull a hector and other stuff

The 4 Res by itself, no, but I’m assuming you’re running him on a Ward Armor team because of his C slot.

With Two Ward Armors, and Warding Breath, you’re getting +12 resistance. And if you change the Seal (I personally don’t find the Fierce Seal worth running on this build) to something like Warding Stance, then that’s +18 resistance.

Ah, Wrath, I see you too are a man of culture. Honestly? There’s no changes I would make to that build specifically. It does its job as a physical tank and EP nuke perfectly well, and just all-around works nicely. Though I personally prefer Swap on all my Armor units. Of course you could always run Slaying Edge/DC/Special Spiral, Slaying Edge/DC/Special Fighter, or Bold Fighter/Quick Riposte build, but those honestly do different things and aren’t really that much more worthwhile over your current build. I would consider Warding breath in vacuum because yes, the extra Res is nice, but mostly because it would let you run the Warding Stance 3 seal for 32 Res, or if they add a Mirror Stance seal eventually a solid 30 Res. Really though, it’s not worth wasting Warding Breath to make them a mixed tank when you already have a perfectly good Steady breath on them.

So looks great already!

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I quite like it, but maybe find a way to boost his spd? On enemy phase you have a one-round Black Luna if you double (which is definitely not a guarantee post gen 2 with under 40 spd). On player phase starting below 75% HP you have a one-round Black Luna if you double (again, the spd issue).

Does he have any extra support for Def? 44 is not short by any means, but I prefer taking it all the way with Steady Stance or something. My BK also has Steady Breath Wrath, but he’s just +2. Was never a big fan of Fierce Stance, unless you just need him for an encounter or two.

I do have him on an All-Armored Team, including Hone Armor, and Ally Support, putting him at 46 spd

All-Armored Team, including Fortify and Ally Support.
While i am a huge fan of Fierce Stance, Black Luna +Wrath is pretty much a guaranteed KO
my Steady Stance Seal is used on a different Unit tho
any other seals you’d recommend?