I'm Sorry

Just wanted to apology to all these people that seems to have not pull Gala Alex yet with all their saved gems or actually using currency.

For me, I’m a new player btw, 4 days. I got her at my second Free roll in my first day. Yup. Along with that, I’ve managed to please the gacha gods to acquire a good base of good characters and dragons. Be it because it was the best time to hop in like I planned to, between the bonuses, the champions stuff etc, I even managed to save some wyrm and roll for more…

And got her two more times.

Actually it saddens me to have used these two 5 star summon slots on her because it is just eldwater and not other new characters. But hey at least I got Gala Mym without even knowing she was such a character outside of the plot jokes.


Why apologise then flex lmao

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It was always a trash flex.
Started playing 4 days ago…

In for a shock when they find out Alex doesn’t make a team.

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