I'm still quite new to the game and I'm trying to build a good team with fusion zamasu and ssb vegito. Any help is app

All of my sparkings and extremes

I suggest going for a future/god ki team

Future core: SSB vegito, Fused Zamasu, Rage Trunks
Future bench: Youth Trunks, SP Mai, Regular Zamasu

God ki core: Rose Goku Black, Fused Zamasu, SSGSS PUR Vegeta
God ki bench: SSG RED Goku, SSGSS BLU goku, SSG YEL Vegeta

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Ok thanks! Shouldn’t I use SSGSS Vegito in the God Ki or is SSGSS PUR Vegeta better?

depends how you play
if you wanna get a guaranteed kill with element advantage use PUR but if u wanna deal a big amount of DMG use Vegito

or you could switch out Rose Black for Vegito if you wanted to

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Can someone help me as well? I’m not new to to game, I’ve had it for a while but I just liked collecting the cards tbh and only played randomly. These are my sparklings. If you can help I’d appreciate it.