I'm tempted to pull for Surtr

But not for usage. No, ■■■■ Surtr, boring ass, cheep ass, worse Ganon can go die in a hole. I want his Steady Stance 4 for my Shiro. But the thing is I only have 108 orbs and the orbs stockpile for the 3rd anniversary just ended. And I kinda need those orbs because I really really have a feeling that the next Mythic is the guy I never shut up about. And you guys know I need him. If I don’t get him, I’m actually quiting FEH. But like… The temptation, I want my Shiro to be even tankier.
Ahhhh should I? :catcry:


As long as you don’t quit :)


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Its a 3 person banner if you want to try, so its decent odds I guess.

Shiro works fine with just Steady Stance 3 though imo.

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Only 108 orbs or quit? :feh_bylethconfused: Don’t do it then, odds are against you with stakes that high!


It was mostly ghoulish Overkill but still :feh_legion:

Long answer: No because you will regret it

Short answer: No because


Shorter answer:


Still wish I could join all the TH memes and talk and fanbase, I feel so left out and I still feel like no one will want to talk to me about it once I actually do play it :catcry:

Or wait for Sturdy/Bracing Stance 3 instead :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

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I’d say go for it if you really love the character and unit, I’ve foddered all 3 of my Surtrs for that skill too

What character do you think is going to be the next mythic

steady stance 4 isn’t that good of a skill. be patient and wait for sturdy stance 3

I forgot that existed

I’ll be happy to talk to you about it as will many others I’m sure! :feh_maristare: I haven’t even done all the routes or the DLC yet so…

But nah don’t do it SS4 is probably not worth it, and 100 orbs probably won’t get you what you want, especially if you get to pity rates like I do…

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