Im thinking about doing a dream summon either Mitsuba and Bellina

Im quite new to the gane i started bout a week ago and then i saw this dream summon and i can’t pick between Mitsuba and Bellina because i want both of them who should i pick?

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Do you already have Grace? If not it’s highly recommended that you get her so you can cheese a lot of the solo content.

As for the choice between Mitsuba and Bellina, which element is lacking in good adventurers for you? And which one has a playstyle more suited to your preference? Keep in mind Mitsuba has three different stances that change her attack combo and skill properties, and that Bellina has a Dragondrive gauge that behaves differently from Shapeshifting.

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You have a few hundreds more free rolls before you need to decide.

In the beginning, I would say shadow is easier to farm for. And light bosses are easier?
My Mitsuba cannot do void Agni because I do not have the resource for anti scorching air.
Meanwhile, my Patia is doing expert Kai Yan.

Ok sorry for replying late but thanks

Brotel recently put up a short guide of potential picks, but limited units are good options too.

TL;DR it’s Grace. If you have her or don’t need her then Geibdhe or Vayu are both solid picks due to the timing currently. Otherwise, just pick who you want the most.