I'm too dumb with my fodder

I mostly use SS characters and I thought it would be nice for my Marisa to have Pulse Smoke.
Except my only character with PS is Briggid, and I was probably drunk or something and foddered her without thinking.

So now my Marisa have Steady Impact, I don’t know what I will do with it, at least the icon is pretty I guess.




I fodder things stupidly too

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Hmm, you can use that Steady Impact as part of a Galeforce set.


You think you build haphazardly?

Two Brave units, dead
I would have given Distant foil to G!Hinata but Rinkah came out before him, and I had the fodder.


With Steady and the skills she already have, the set looks like this.


I did some pretty impulsive foddering today as well

Want to give him Guard Bearing too but waiting on Sturdy Blow 2 so I don’t waste Ingrid’s Sturdy Impact


Promote a 4 star Athena :catdance:


but my feathers


Yeah I know that feeling lmao.

He also has lull atk/spd lmfao.

I never use him.

Why am I like this.


you’re probably getting enough feathers throughout your weekly rewards + Mjolnir’s Strike rewards we’re getting in 2 days to reimburse these back. :catdance:




IS still not demoting basic old shit skills like this makes me laugh.


I was probably drunk or something and foddered her without thinking.

I know you’re joking but i seriously did this once in 2017 when I couldn’t find my Eldigan. I still have no idea who even took his Fury lmao


Also,that title is so relatable, because I saw the other day that my Karla had Infantry Pulse on her, and I was looking at my screen like :

‘’‘When the ■■■■ did I do this and why?’’ :feh_lynstare:

Also, whenever a certain Rein skill gets available,I know I’ll go nuts for it because 3 of my most invested units would immediately get it,as it would be their optimal Rein skill.

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I have no idea why we still don’t have skills like QR3 or Guard 3 available at 4 stars, and Swift Sparrow isn’t on any 3-4 units at all except Naesala, a grail unit (who even then has to be promoted to 5 stars) but IS will continue demoting a bunch of skills nobody cares about. Even old skills like WoM and Escape Route are only on one 4 star unit each, and as the pool continues to get larger, they get harder to get.

Very confused on why IS likes keeping many useful and non game-breaking skills so rare. It wouldn’t be hard to just put old skills on 4 star units. Would be a great QoL change


It’s alright, reminds me of how I foddered [Null Follow-Up 3] to Nowi only for her to be benched, though I’ll end up using her a lot if her refine is good enough, I kind of lost interest in building her rn.

It also reminds me of my crazy inheritance shenanigans over here.

And several units Iirc, noteworthy examples include my Idoun which I gave a lot of skills to and no regrets at all.
And then, units with most complete premium kits like them.

I could go on but I shouldn’t be spamming my builds…

Whenever I build someone I end up impulsively foddering even if a little, but I don’t let that happen to not fully grinded seasonals such as Sp!Narcian, which I plan to fodder to Sm!F!Robin once I max his [Hero Merit].
Oftenmost, I do it judiciously but there were a few cases earlier when I was playing, like with Nowi.


My Ayra has fortress def/res,fury 4,sturdy impact and atk/def solo all of which I regret immensely now because I need those skills for other units right now and she only uses atk/spd solo 4 now :expressionless:… so there useless lol.

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Tbh I like this build more than the other one. :sweat_smile:
I’ve seen some DC Marisas before but IMO she’s a better player phase unit.