Im very new and I need some suggestion

so uh I read some walkthrough and things and non of them really told me what operaters are good.
I have right now:
6 star: SilverAsh, Siege, Archetto
5 star: Lappland, Specter, Pramanix, Mayer, Cliffheart, Amiya and FEater
any suggestions about what I should upgrade first? Are these good?

Welcome to the forums! Several of your operators are quite good, and certainly warrant leveling.

While any tier list is going to cause debate, you could start by looking at the “New player tier list” at Gamepress. Please remember that a lot of really powerful units (like SilverAsh) do not become powerful until reaching Elite 2 rank, which is quite expensive for a 6*, especially for a new player. So it might be a better idea to initially level some of the lower rarity characters that will fill holes in your roster while being cheap to level.

thank you very much for your reply, Ill have a look at that :smiley:

Hello and welcome!

If you’re not precious with your account yet I’d actually suggest rerolling because Silverash and Specter are the only two you’ll be using in the long run (in my experience, ymmv). There are units that make early game a lot easier than they do while keeping their utility through to the end. These units include Exusiai, Mudrock, Eyjafjalla, Mountain, Saria, and Blaze. All of them are extremely good at E0/E1 and get even better at E2, with the added bonus of being easy to use.

Do not invest in 5☆s (with the exception of Amiya) until you know what you’re doing. They’re much more expensive to raise than 4☆s without offering as much for their price point, in general. You’re going to get a lot more mileage out of Myrtle, Sussurro, Gravel, Cuora, and Perfumer if you raise them. You also want to raise either Jaye or Matoimaru (preferably to E1 max) before 5-3 or else you’re gonna have a bad time.

Most importantly of all, though, is waifu over meta. Unless your waifu is Tsukinogi, every unit can be used to clear most stages in the game. Even the robots! You’ll have an easier time if you use the units I listed but don’t forget to have fun, too. Also, make sure you get a bunch of friends! Support units can make the game considerably easier. There’s a thread for that on this forum.

That’s my two (hundred) cents! Good luck and have fun!

Thank you very much!
I just heard a lot that if I have silver ash and get it to E2 Id just vaporise everything
and as you see Im lacking range units, should i just use my pulls on mountain as hes on pull right now or wait for a range unit?

None of the guides are saying what ops are good or bad because there aren’t really bad ops in Arknights (even Passenger is going to be usable when his buff arrives). There are underwhelming ops when you have options (as much as I love Broca, Blaze is plain better and easier to use); there are not very good archetypes in general (like AoE casters, especially when Eyjafjalla exists; or chain casters); there are niche operators you won’t use until you understand how things works and decide to experiment (like Pramanix or Shamare); there are ops that require good strategies to use them (like Mayer). And some operators are plain broken, BUT to see HOW broken they are, you need to E2 them (SilverAsh, Eyjafjalla, Surtr etc).

Right now, you can make do with 3* and 4* ops up until the end of Chapter 4, where first good farming nodes are located. Ops of said rarity don’t require too much resources to build them and are useful at this stage in the game. They’ll allow you to understand how things work, and what is required of you. And then you’ll get what higher rarity ops you need to raise right now. And farm resources for them in Chapter 4 nodes.

That said:

  • SA is a very good (a complete DELETE button at E2 and Skill 3 at mastery level 3), he can deal sustained damage with S1 and can be a self-healing pseudo-tank with S2.

  • Siege isn’t very good at being a vanguard, but she’s good early in the game as just another guard with less DP cost and generating DP herself when she feels like it. But mostly she’ll smash things with her S2 for you. If you want actual DP generation, use other vanguards (like Myrtle, Vanilla, Courier - S1 is usually gives you more deployment points faster).

  • Never used Archetto, but she can probably satisfy your sniper needs for now along with Kroos and Meteor.

  • Lappland is a bit like SilverAsh (same range, same archetype), but, first, she deals arts damage with her S2, and second - she can silence enemies, which means that exploding spiders won’t explode when her silence is up. Sadly, only at E2 her silence is permanent, but it’s still better than nothing. She becomes less useful the further in the game you are, but can save your hide early on. Also, there’s no such thing as too many guards.

  • Specter is well knows for being an immortal nun with her S2. Again, she becomes even more powerful with E2 (and she can block one more enemy), but she’ll serve you pretty well at E1 as well, you only need to time her S2 correctly so she won’t be left stunned and unable to do anything in the middle of the rush.

  • Pramanix - leave her for later. She can do some good things, but only when you know what you’re doing.

  • Mayer - same.

  • Cliffheart and her 4* counterpart Rope are very useful, and they mostly need their skills at L4 up to and including Chapter 4. They don’t much care for their own levels, but with their skills, the higher, the better. Same goes for FEater and Shaw.

  • Amiya isn’t stellar, but pretty solid, plus you get her potentials as you progress with the story, and at some point, you’ll need to E2 her for story reasons. Might as well raise her anyway (no need to E2 her right away, but for playing Chapter 8 it’s a requirement), especially since she’s your only 5* caster.

As for rolling: on the 21st, we’re getting a limited banner with some good ops. Better save your gacha currency for now and roll when it drops. And since Arknights is Spooknights, you’re guaranteed to get other operators, including ranged ones. I know that a new gacha makes you wanna roll real hard, but wait for a week for a better investment.

In the meantime, do recruitments. There’s a guide with tags:

Some combos may guarantee 4* and higher result, so until you’re familiar with those combos, check it so as not to miss anyone important)

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I’m actually amazed about how helpful you guys are…
this helps extremely much, THANK YOU very much!

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Silverash is indeed very good, but only after he’s at E2. Don’t trick yourself into thinking he’s incredibly good before then, because there are much better alternatives to what he does. He starts being helpful during episode 5’s bosses but before then you’re better off using 3☆s and 4☆s. Kroos and any 4☆ sniper (I recommend May) can cover your anti-air needs until you can afford to raise Archetto.

I forgot to mention this earlier too but for Noir Corne’s price point, his defense is actually insane. Having him and Cuora as your main and sub defenders will get you through a lot of content. He stands head and shoulders above the rest of the 2☆s, in my opinion.

I have to disagree. Granted, i’m a casual player that does not try to max efficiency, but i have to say that Siege is and will always be my default vanguard even in hard content.

Her S1 is not the fastest DP-farming skill around, but it works. And her nice ATK and DEF in my opinion makes her a good jack of all trades.

She’s a good defensive / offensive vanguard, but she does not master any of those traits.

That said, being a jack of all trades means that she works almost everywhere. Almost, is the key word.

Lies! :sweat_smile:

She has been my best ST Caster until chapter 6 (because i had nothing better) and she was good. Her second skill do it’s job, in my opinion

Poor Amiya :smiley:

You can also batter in a nail with a footstool. Will it work? Sure. Were there better options? Definitely.
Siege wasn’t designed to be a DP generator. Of course, you can use her as one, but she costs 14 DPs at E1 and needs more time to give you DPs.

I’m not saying she’s bad or unusable, and I used her for Risk 20+ clears as a sturdy enough Block-2 hard-hitting option (granted, using a DP generator to act as an actual vanguard), but later in game, she’s often not enough to deploy early and stay there for a duration of the map as a DPS, and she can’t provide enough DP fast enough to bring more hard-hitting or durable options to assist her. She’s great when you’re playing Vanguardknights (esp paired with Zima), when you need someone hard-hitting early enough, or when there are limitations on whom you can bring, but there are other options as your roster grows. Again, the OP will have to figure out for themselves if they’ll use her later on.

Eyeroll. Honestly :D

Do I even need to add something to this? :D

She’s nice, especially considering the options back then (I mean, we had Haze for a 4* and Steward for a 3*, and Amiya IS a 5*), her S1 is easy to use and meets your basic needs. But her S2 has that nice 10 sec stun you have to account for (not even mentioning 100 SP cost) AND is auto (I mean, really, why can’t a player choose when to use it -_- who thought auto activation on this skill is a good idea), and her S3 retreats her after using it, so you have to play around that either. She’s a good starter option, but really, how often did you use her after getting Ceobe and Eyja? :D I don’t have another ST caster bar her and Eyja (yet; I hope Ceobe is in the shop after Aak in 1.5 months or so), and even I use her… well, I don’t remember when I used her the last time, actually :ak_redwut: Probably in Chapter 7.

My point is, Donkey is fine at this point for the OP, but still nothing stellar.

@keyboardluck, and our bickering with Matteo just proves the point that there are no bad ops in AK, just different visions and playstyles)

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True, but i find her a good choice because she offers a good mix of traits. Take Texas for example, she is good at dealing damage but she easily gets killed. Or Zima, she is a good defender vanguard, but her damage is bad.

Siege has a decent attack, decent defense, decent DP generation all in one. As i said before, to me she’s a jack of all trades and i use her because of that.

Clearly, if you want to focus on something in particular, you don’t use her. You use the one better suited to that role.

But for a new player, a jack of all trades Siege is a more than acceptable vanguard, in my opinion.

Sure, her use in later game is questionable, but the OP is a new player. He’ll have time to grab other vanguards before reaching chapter 7+, i think.

…not really, no. I already answered myself :sweat_smile: but…well, sometimes i still use her. Sometimes.

Yes, that’s the point. For a new player like the OP, Amiya is a good investment because she is reliable enough. Clearly, there are better casters, but she is free from the start.

i fought Chapter 8 last boss (avoid spoilers) with the donkey because…why not? If that’s what happens in the story, why not make it happening also in the stage? :smiley:

That’s right! You can beat the game with 3 star operators too.

Talking about that, there is a certain cat called Melantha. Be sure to be kind to her, pat her head at least a few times per day, and most of all…use her.

she’s the strongest operator in the game. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah, Texas is squishy, and Zima takes time to kill anything, but they also bring team utility in reducing DP costs (and Texas does crowd control out of goodness of her heart, no less :D). But earlier in game, it’s easier to make do with cheaper options (I mean, the content is designed to be playable with cheaper options, so it’s more forgiving). Take Scavenger - she hits harder when there’s no-one around her. And Courier is a pretty decent defensive vanguard. Honestly, there are tons of options how to clear a map, all for Dokutahs to choose)
What I’m saying is, it’s better to have another actual DP generator, and in the meantime, Siege can smash skulls and other body parts not thinking about that part of team utility.

Yes, but, you know, she isn’t exactly the same then :fgo_buster:


You use her guard version there anyway, and she’s good there with her arts evade.

why no one suggest defender healer?
Saria(6*)or Nearl(5*) will save your day,someday…

I think that’s because they discussion is not about what are good operators in the game.
The discussion is about if the OP’s operators are good or not and which one to upgrade first.

OP does not list Saria among his Operators in the first post, so i think that he does not have nor Saria nor Nearl.

Unless i’ve missed something in the other posts of the thread.

you didn’t missing anything
it’s just that I didn’t saw anyone (well just one) recommend those guy to new player
make me wonder are they aren’t useful at they’re used to be in the past?
I just 1y casual player but when im just new to this game
I cant take on heavyweight boss without defender healer a lot of time (or because I got saria at my first 6*?)
that is all

Well, based on my previous experience, a Healing Defender is more useful toward mid-late content.

New players can use a healer and a Defender in the first chapters. But sure, i would reccomend to try and get Saria.

Lacking her or Nearl, Gummy is better than nothing

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Healing defenders are great, but since OP doesn’t say they have any of high rarity and doesn’t ask for tips in general, the remaining healing defenders fall under “4* and 3* are good for early game” category. And we just put our 2c about ops listed in the opening post.

If anything, I’d say Saria only got more useful as time passed. The queen of “stay where you are while the volcano sheep melts you away” :D And Blemi offers other applications (like healing the unhealable operators). Nearl boosts healing, and Hung is a masochist with his on-hit charge skills, but he has his uses.

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Why, you use Blemishine to heal operators?

I use mine mainly because i like seeing this horse-knight in a gorgeous shining armour cutting enemyes around. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No, jokes aside, i’ll say that Blemi is a healing defender that is not really new player friendly. She’s a bit harder to use compared to drop and forget operators like Gummy or Saria.

No objections here, esp on the no-newbie-friendly part, but she technically still is a healing defender with a sword, so it was worth mentioning her anyway :D

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And Gummy is a Bear with a frying pan… the Healing Defender section has some “interesting” Operators :slightly_smiling_face: