Imaginary Around

So i just LBed Imaginary around (+30% Quick) and i want to know, how effective it is on skadi teams and np looping? Is it enough so forgo the kaleidos and np starting CEs on servants like lancelot/nyanta/valkyrie, or it’s just like BG and it’s only used for bosses and single target quests?

No it’s not.

It is a really strong craft essence, but it’s not nearly as useful in looping by a long shot.

In Challenge quests it is really strong, because you can also use face cards and not just the NP for looping, but on farming i don’t think there is a single Quick servant that can make use of it because the value is good but not “fully refund” good.


you are better off using Charge CEs that also have Quick Buffs,notably this upcoming CE for CCC rerun,or the nightingale christmas CE when it comes this time next year

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I don’t have IA but I would imagine if you are going to forego starting gage CE that black grail is going to be a better choice (mlb or not).

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Nice! I’m one away from mlb myself.

With all of the quick buffs already flying around with dss, another 30% quick won’t be as powerful as a different type of buff that will scale multiplicative with quick rather than additive.

Also, to forgo starting gauge CE’s you’ll need to refund 100% to loop since skadi’s batteries will be needed on T1. And I know on Lancelot in particular 30% more quick is not NEARLY enough for that. I definitely only pull out IA for fighting I intend to rely on facecard rather than only np’s like I do while farming.

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Unless you are running someone like Hozoin you’d just use BG if you give up starting NP for Skadi comp.

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Nothing is good enough to allow you to not use K-scope or starting NP CE + Waver for Zerkerlot.

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And the reign of starting np ces and kaleidos continues forever more…

When it comes to looping?
Not a chance for it to be otherwise. After all, you need to be able to get that NP off right at the start, and still have a way of charging the rest it for the other two turns.

CQs? Now that’s a different matter, as long as you’re not trying to min-turn it.