Imagine Open World/Real-Time Action FGO

Despite the controversy, Genshin proves new generation of Gacha game in the form of open world is working. Also, GBF is developing new open world/real time battle. They are pretty much old gacha game like FGO. And who doesn’t want to explore a world with moving waifu/husbando, where the interaction is more felt. I know it’s still early but it could be new era for gacha game. Especially in few years LB will ends.

There’re question on who will replace Nasu and how much time needed to finish writing new arc. If they make this new version of FGO, they could instead remake the trash chapter 1-5 of 1st arc into much more interesting like what the manga adaptation tried.

What do you think about this kind of idea? And what do you think a feature need to be if this kind of FGO were made?


I’m just imagining Kingprotea in an open world game and interacting with her, and I looove it. :fgo_bblaugh:


I’d be a hard no. I don’t play Genshin precisely because it is this kind of game. If I wanted to give my full attention to a game on a regular basis, I’d still have an active FFXIV subscription.


Too many GI copies lately :fgo_ereshconfused:


The difference between FGO and the aforementioned games is that Ritsuka is useless in combat, so an open world FGO will be more like the pokemon sword and shield, and I feel like just having a 3D FGO adds nothing to the game except meaningless commute (and prettier graphics)

The story element so far also doesn’t lend itself to an open world format. There’s no satisfaction in exploring a map that you are planning to destroy in story


Fgo is still my only Gatcha game, so not familiar with genshin and others. But, I’m in the middle of playing through skyrim again. I do absolutely love the freedom of choice on what type of quests to do, skills to improve and whatnot. It would be amazing if I could have Arash or other servants as my companion in a world like that.

But I don’t know if I’d want a Gatcha style open world with time based events and stuff. Part of skyrim’s appeal for me is that I can play for hours doing whatever I want, or put it down for a month and not feel like I’m missing anything important

And I agree with @qaumufun, fgo storyline doesn’t necessarily lend itself to that type of game. Maybe a greater fate universe where you could go to the clock tower to learn, board the mystic eye train, join a holy grail war, etc. I don’t see chaldea working as well.


That’s a pretty good argument against it :+1:
Makes sense when put it like that.


Persona Fate Edition


Something more like Xenoblade 2 and less like Genshin and I might be interested.


Real time RPG battles I think I’ve seen all of 2 games actually do this right so unless they want to hand development of those systems over to square I’d rather not.

Open world systems are boring as fuck if there’s still only 1 way to interact with anything in it. Skyrim or GTA work because of the freedom of ability in their open worlds not because they are open worlds and walking up and talking to a 3d model of seiba as opposed to clicking a 2d Sprite makes literally no difference to me.

Speaking personally the horrid open world parts of HI3 are what ultimately turned me off continuing it and I know DW would half-ass an open world system.

In short: Not every game needs to be the same. Variety is the spice of life.


I wouldn’t want another open world action rpg gacha game. That is too many oversaturated markets where I have tons of options. All they would need to do is add a battle royale mode to complete the unholy rites.

If I had to design a new fate game continuing the grand order storyline I would do it as either a single player CRPG, or a more linearly focused RPG. CRPG because its a more off the wall idea and I love CRPGs, a linearly focused action RPG is more likely a better fit. I would also moderate which servants appear to the weaker servants since when you bring someone like say Gil into the game it becomes a question as to why is any random encounter have any risk or difficulty.


I wouldn’t mind real time combat but I don’t think an open world work very well.

Yeah, make it like Xenoblade 2 and I’m on board.


It could probably work as a true open world game with a full price base and no gacha mechanics. Imo that’s what kills genshin, there’s a sprawling world but the game wants me to do the equivalent of daily ember farming

Mimicing a more xenoverse type game would be better imo

That would remove the visual novel aspect from the game completely and it’s the part i enjoy the most from Fate, sure using the border to explore the lostbelts freely sounds nice but i doubt it would work that well… i’d rather have hundreds of pages written by Nasu over a 3D map personally, i’ll leave an open world experience with more focus on gameplay to other games.

Or actually, just bring FGO arcade to PC and console and that’d be enough.


To actually make an open world FGO that can deliver the visual novel’s story they’d have to make an A to AA grade console/PC game.


For the sake of argument since I’m seeing a lot of people saying no, let’s go with this idea instead and think of how something like this could work. This would also not be a mobile game btw, probably a bit too big in scope for that.

Too long, didn't read if you're lazy or something

tl;dr, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would make for a great template for an open or semi-open world and/or action Fate RPG with a gacha element. Obviously it doesn’t work 1 for 1, but there’s plenty to work off of that could apply to a Fate game.

First off, like others have said taking FGO as it is and making it open world wouldn’t work. The story was made for a linear game, so it wouldn’t transition well into a completely different type of game. That I agree with others on. So instead I propose this concept which I’ll be going with for the rest of this comment: A new original open world (or semi-open world) Fate game that uses a summoning mechanic like FGO as a gacha element. This would give more freedom to make a story and other gameplay mechanics suited to this type of game instead of trying to turn the current stuff into one. And in fact, there’s already a game out there that has some very similar ideas that I’ll base this idea on: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (which was actually already mentioned by @MrYggdrasil I see).

To put it briefly, XC2 is a JRPG that while not truly open world does have large open areas that you are free to explore as you see fit. They are just unlocked in a linear fashion as the story progresses, hence it not being a true open world. And the game uses high level enemies to pseudo stop you from getting to certain places early, but for the most part many areas are technically possible to access on your first visit to a new region. Anyway, the other thing you need to know about XC2 for this is the concept of Blades and Drivers. Blades are living weapons who are bonded to a Driver who awakened their Core Crystal (their heart to oversimplify it a bit). Blades create weapons for them and their driver to use in combat to fight and channel a Blade’s power through. The Blade supports the Driver who does most of the fighting. The stronger the bond between a Driver and Blade the stronger they are in battle.

Now you can probably see where I’m going with this, in that a Fate game could work similar to this. Servents would act like Blades and Masters like Drivers. Only in this case the roles in combat would basically be reversed, with Servents taking the lead and Masters providing support (aka how Fate works for the most part). In XC2, a Blade tends to stay near their Driver (who the player controls) and provide passive buffs, so the Master could basically do the same here (and from a story standpoint be the one calling the shots but that doesn’t matter much for gameplay). And although you control the Driver in XC2, how you fight is determined by what Blade you have equipped to them as that determines what skills the Driver can use, and of course the Blade’s own passive skills and unique specials (I’ll explain those in a bit more detail later). Servents would work more or less the same. You would control the Servent in combat while the Master would provide support. So which Servent you control would determine your play style, while the Master could give some passive buffs that could maybe be changed with certain equipment or unlocked in some way. This could help address the issue mentioned by @qaumufun in their comment.

Screenshot of XC2 combat for reference

Here we can see the Driver (Rex, boy in blue) and his Blade (Pyra, girl in red) in combat to give an idea of what it looks like

Now like mentioned above, in XC2 there are Blade specials where the Blade themselves uses the weapon for a powerful attack. These have multiple levels with different effects and are unique to each Blade (I’ll get more into that in a bit). And level 4 specials have both the Driver and Blade performing an attack together (complete with flashy cutscenes). Now in this hypothetical Fate game a Servent’s NP could fill a similar role to Blade specials. Probably wouldn’t have multiple levels, and maybe certain restrictions based on whatever the combat system is but it makes for a perfect special attack or ability.

Now for another reason why XC2 makes for a good basis for a Fate game like this: XC2 is also a gacha. Yep, this single player JRPG with no micro transactions of any kind has a gacha element why they choose this is beyond me but whatever. Specifically it is how you get most Blades. There are two types of Blades in XC2: Common and Rare. Rare Blades have unique designs, skills and even their own quests. These are always the same. To put it simply they’re the actual characters of the game who can make up your party. Common Blades are random in appearance and abilities. For this Fate game I see the gacha not having Common Blades but instead stuff like CEs or other items instead, while Servents would naturally take the place of Rare Blades. So you could summon using SQ or something, and there would be a variety of unique Servents to get and use. Plus probably some obtained through story or other means, just to make sure the player isn’t screwed if they have bad RNG or something.

Most Blades in XC2 fall into specific weapon types, but there are some unique Blades with their own classes too (primary story and DLC ones). For the common weapon types different drivers had different Arts (attacks) for the same weapon, so the same Blade on different drivers wouldn’t quite be the same. But that wouldn’t apply to the Fate game so it’s not important. What is more important is that two Blades of the same weapon type could have very different play styles depending on their skills and abilities. This quite obviously would translate to Servents and how two Servents of the same class could still play differently. Blades in XC2 have specific elements with a Pokemon like weakness system where certain elements are strong against others. The Servent class system could work like this, basically just take the one in FGO really.

I imagine that overall levels would be tied to the Master, but Servents would have their own levels that strengthen their unique abilities the more you use that specific Servent. XC2 works similarly with level being based on the Driver and Blades having their own unique Affinity Charts that can be filled out by using them. Filling it out strengthens their unique abilities. Basically means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to use a new Blade because they’re underleveled when you get them while still allowing them to grow stronger in their own way. I imagine something similar could work for Servents.

As for combat itself, that could easily take different forms really. I do think it would be best if it was real time rather than turn based but that still leaves a lot of room for different types of gameplay. XC2 (and other Xenoblade games) are somewhat MMO-like with characters performing weaker auto attacks and the player activating specific stronger Arts as the see fit. Or it could be something more action based like many games by Platinum Games like Bayonetta for example, or maybe a bit slower paced like stuff like Skyrim. Or something else, these are just a few examples. Really this part is pretty subjective as everyone has their own tastes and will like some more than others.

As for the story and visual novel aspect, that would be tougher to translate. Some older Bioware games like KOTOR and Mass Effect could maybe be looked at for inspiration on dialog and story telling, because I simply don’t think a visually novel type of story telling would work for this type of game. Just kinda how it is. Hard to say really. It would also depend on what kind of story the developers wanted to tell, how long and big would it be, etc.

So yeah that’s quite a bit lol. I’m an aspiring developer so I kinda can’t help myself sometimes. I think Xenoblade Chronicles 2 provides an excellent template that could easily be used and modified for the Fate series to allow for an open or semi-open world/action RPG. The setting, the combat and gacha element have a lot in common with Fate series works. I’m sure if I sat here longer I could think of more stuff but I think this is plenty for now.


In general, the concept of switching up the gameplay style from how it is in FGO is interesting.

While the card mechanic is quite an interesting way to handle battle mechanics, over time that feature has been overshadowed by NP spam strategies, devaluing one of the only features that made the gameplay unique.

And even ignoring that, it would be interesting to see how Fate characters would adapt into other gamepaly styles.
Like even something like having an agility/accuracy system with chance of passive evasion rather than having to activate a skill to have a very limited-capacity evasion.
Or having a lot of active skills that are actually passive in lore be passive skills and instead have different NPs and attacks to select from when fighting rather than having the active skill/card combat system.
And then there’s active combat, where evasion and accuracy and attacks are controlled by the player and certain NPs or skills that require direct activation can be selected to enhance combat.

As for the open world part, that’s entirely optional. The singularity setup lends more to a level-based setup (go to a location, have free movement in that location, but when you move on you may not be able to return), due to the story dealing with locations that are no longer accessible afterward (at least for lostbelts, singularities can kinda be traveled back to afterward via loophole like in the interludes).
It would at the very least be entertaining to see Chaldea as a hub area with all the servants up to their hijinks that you can interact with whenever you’re not doing the story.


Nah thanks i’ll pass

Also if one day Nasu leaves FGO, or the main story of FGO ends (assuming there is no more main story after LB), I want FGO to be closed tbh

FGO without the Man himself would be so different, but that’s just my opinion

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This certainly looks more interesting than Fate pokemon, and honestly there are probably other ways to implement different gameplay style to make it fun too. On the other hand though, I feel like FGO is so popular partly because it isn’t an very involved game for the most part.

(And since OP mentioned waifu/husbando and interactions, VR tech needs to mature faster so that we can just VR our waifus and husbandos instead of making baby steps of going from current FGO to just 3D models on a flatscreen :fgo_gudakolewd:)

I still feels like a game needs to justify using open world though, and a lot of games, even AAA games don’t. I legitimately had fun exploring genshin’s map, but you can only run past areas so many times before you just start teleporting to all of the farming areas, and at that point it might as well not be an open world. Sadly so few games did open world/sandbox right.

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