Important! Message!

She!! Cute!!! Cynthia_Neutral
In all seriousness, I really dislike her character but mayo made her really adorable.
Will you promote her?

  • Of course!
  • I don’t think so…

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Where’s the IDK/IDC option?


Eventually, I will.

An important message?


I like Cynthia, her personality is so quirky

And I need those dragon flowers, and I’m too lazy to use her 4 star, so I’ll eventually promote her

I do like her.

But muh feathers.
Got Saizo merges, and updating the Jeorge and Subaki IVs still to go.

I would like to promote her, but she is oh so very low on my priorities. She won’t be getting promoted any time soon. :catdespair:

I would go for shigure or cordelia if you want a blue flier

I’ve been waiting so long for her to be added and she’s finally here so yes, i will build her.

I don’t like Cynthia but I like Mayo.

My only other lance flier is Sumia but I don’t like her either.

Mayo is a better artist than Pikomaro, so…

She’s adorable but I already have Thea and Catria I wanna build eventually. I will keep her tho.

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She really cute, but she nothing special imo. There are other lance fliers that I would want to try more than I would her sadly.

I don’t see wut U mean so

Wow so important, thanks for keeping us informed.


Because I use birbs as my flier team, I don’t really have a need for Cynthia as a lance flier.
She have to sit in my barracks like every other unit I don’t use :frowning:

I’ll need like two things to build up Cynthia the way I want to.

Reprisal Lance+
Close Def 3

Cute? I mean, if you think Spd/Def link fodder is cute, sure.

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Something about her face just seems… off. Can’t really pinpoint what. Maybe the spacing of eyes/nose/mouth? I can’t honestly say, but her face sits firmly in the uncanny valley for me.

Fixed it for you. :oph:

Oh I use armors too. :birbpeek:
Legendary Hector is stupid. (In a good way) :catroll:
Black Luna is amazing on Zelgius.
Brave Hector is just good.
And Halloween Henry for Armor March :birbpeek:

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