Improves to PvP

#This is my first topic, and, english is not my main language, so my apologies If a make some mistake.
The majoritary of the players that battle do It in the great league because there is more pokémon to choices and It is more acessible,but, there is some inconic Pokémon that are not relevant in the meta. My purpose with this topic is suggest some chances in their move pool to make them relevant( obs: in this topic i will focus on pseudo and starters).
Tyranitar: shadow claw+Ice punch
Shadow claw to make his charge moves to Go out fast and Ice punch to spaw and cover some of his weakness.
Salamanca:Dragon claw+flamethrower
Dragon claw is a fast charge move and help hum to hurt the oponente,flamethrower is faster than fire blast and cover his Ice weakness.
Metagross: confusion+iron head
Confusion to heart some fighting and Poison Mons that are common on great league and iron head for those that do not have the meteor mash
Dragonite: thunder punch+surf
Thunder punch to spaw and hurt the water and flying types that are common on great league(azumaril and skarmory) and surf to cover his rock weakness
Charizard: counter+thunder punch
Probably the most Iconic of this list he descreve to shiny a little bit. Counter is a amazing PvP fast move(i think that deserve a little Nerf) that cover the biggest weakeness:rock, and thunder punch to cover the water weakeness.
Blastoise: surf+Ice punch
Surf would a “substitution” to hidro cannon and Ice punch a small improve to Ice beam
Meganium: grass knot+ ancient Power
Grass knot Would be a option to those that do not have de comunity day move and ancient Power to help cover the flying and fire weakness that is very common on great league.
Typhlosion: fire and thunder punch
Fire punch Would be a “substitution” to blast burn and thunder punch to cover the water weakeness
Feraligator: shadow claw+surf
Shadow claw Would help him to use his charge moves faster and surf a “substitution” to hidro cannon.
And It is this, thank you to read all this and let your opinions about my post soon bellow.

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Hmm, looks alright to me. Have you checked if the moves you mentioned above can be learned by the corresponding Pokemon in the main series games?

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I think the biggest problem with PvP is that it is not easy to rondeveuz with people to play with. You can try to start a raid with an ultra friend in-game, but usually end up waiting five minutes for nothing to happen. You can try using out of game communication channels, but that’s a lot of effort. You can try to catch people in person, but usually, they are in a hurry to go somewhere else. So, I think an in-game rondevouz system would make arranging PvP a lot easier.


Basically, a matchmaking system would be fantastic.
I’m tired of waiting 20+minutes for different people and getting no battles.
Having the shields block 50-90 percent of the attack would be more interesting than outright blocking!

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I’d love a matchmaking system. At the moment, I only PvP in face-to-face local tournaments where the shortcomings of the current hookup system are alleviated.

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Sure, i agree but in this post i focus on the meta kkk. I hope the release of matchmaking this year

Off course kk

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I think for the most part, psudos shine more in the higher leagues because they have the strength to perform in them. Plus many people have already invested in some for raids. Great league is interesting because just about any can perform at that level. And as far as the starters go, just save a good candidate for December when (most likely) they will bring back past CD moves

Yes,but would be wonderfull If every pokémon were good on great league because is the coolest. Imagine If you could chose almost every pokémon to use ? It would be more acessible, more people Would play, the teams Would be more varied

I play PvP almost exclusively over long distances, as my local community is far behind my actual friends in terms of game knowledge. Discord and other communities just facilitates this, but if you enjoy playing with friends, any communication channel works well for agreeing when to play. Tournaments are a different story, though.