Improving squad for GL

I am trying now with

Venosaur (FP, Poison)
Altaria (SA, DP)

It works reasonably well,registeel, probopass and specially bastiodon are the toughest matches.

I know it is too much SA and the team has grass already well covered so thinking of dropping skarmony for another Pokemon…

Wishcash is ready and will cover these 3 well and I have it already with two moves
A-Raichu is ready too and will cover skarmony itself
Lanturn? is it much better than A-Raichu? it would cost 50K dust !!
I could rise a probopass or even a bastiodon myself… second move for Registeel is too expensive.
Another sugestion?

I think all of them have some synergy with your team, except for Probopass and Bastiodon which generally have unfavourable match-up against Registeel.

Personally, I find Whiscash the easiest to use, as it’s spammy and can tank most of the charged moves from common Steel tanks. But Skarmory might become more annoying to take down, especially if you intend to keep Altaria. Lanturn looks good too against the three Steel you listed, as well as Skarmory. It generally needs Water Gun to beat Registeel. But it will have more trouble with Altaria, as well as Bulldoze Bronzong.

A-Raichu and A-Marowak work well against Registeel and Skarmory, but against Bastiodon that might hurt quite a bit. I think Venusaur should be able to power through it with Frenzy Plant and shielding Flamethrower. In this case, I’d say A-Raichu might be easier to work with than A-Marowak, as you can switch between A-chu and Venu to catch opponents’ Registeel/Azumarill, or Azumarill/Bastiodon.

If you want to replace Skarmory, Whiscash is absolutely a very good replacement. If you have trouble with steels well… whiscash got them

I am also a huge Alolan Raichu fan, but it’s inconsistent

Go Whiscash, Its amazing mon with only really bad Matchups vs Razor Leaf users. Wirh shield or energy advantage Vine Whip version can be beaten. Also dont like Skarmory, cause Blizzard+ Mud Bomb still cant kill him.

Thank you, I tried wishcash and A-Raichu for 5 battles yesterday (2 with raichu and 3 with wishcash) and lost 0-5

Though I had a very unfortunate first match in every single one… I HATE when this happens.