In 2024 we farm grails

Lotto events will always be trailing season

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Although I joked about my coin surplus from NP13 Jeanne etc., there appears to be no reason to burn through SSR coins.

There’s always a chance that we’ll get more uses for these things, and burning off SSR coins might bite us later.


…you can burn coins? I was unaware :eyes:

I’m way too free at work to do this nonsense :fgo_sthenosmug:

He means burning them to exchange for Grails silly.


Yeah I can’t imagine what the point would be to burning coins for like 5 QP per coin if that was even an option it’s a pitiful amount. This though is such a welcome addition since we can certainly use a lot of grails per year on new servants and such.

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lewd cgs


Yeah it’s actually really accessible, if you go hard on lottos.
I normally pick up 2-4 million FPs in each, so that covers me on the low end for more than half a yeah anyway. 2 lottos most years means I’ve got plenty even without the SR and SSR dupes as well and without saving in advance.

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man, now imagine if they had had actually given us the entirety amount of all our roll results in servant coins when this coins system dropped


that said, I do find this system rather hilarious from an in-universe perspective

some powerful magus with hundreds to thousands of years or more of family history in magecraft: summons a single servant to compete in a life or death battle for the chance to possibly get a grail

some random ass nobody kid that just happened to stumble into becoming a master: summons myriad dupes of the exact same servants and compiles their fragments together into a grail


Darnic: danggit DW, with this mechanic I could have won



I’ve been restraining myself from taking Kojiro higher than lvl 90 cuz grail is such a limited material. He’ll be getting grails from the monthly FP grail until level 120.


Same! Kojirou, Bedivere and OG Vinci are units I want to grail to 100, but not at the cost of being unable to 120 some higher-priority favourites. This means I can do that. Renewable grails are grand.


Hm, with us still needing coins to go above lvl 120, I do bot forsee much change in my plans for which Servants I will max to the limit. That said, it will give me more breathing space to grail to lvl 100 (and for a few beloved Silvers above that) enough Servants to fill all 3 lists. So :fgo_goodciv:


I think the biggest thing for me here is that this also makes grailing multiple Servants concurrently a lot more appealing. With the giant EXP investment to go from 100 to 120, I’ll be glad to be able to open up a couple sinks beside each other and dump into all of them concurrently while waiting for lottos or 1/2AP dailies to recharge my supplies.

Also just means I can get around to grailing the ones I’d bumped off to get my main targets to 120 much faster than intended, but honestly I’m more excited to be able to do more concurrent raising.


Thank god grails arent rare now. I dont regret grailing dantes now.


Note: Go all the harder on Lottos.


Muahahahaha, all my female servants can now be grailed!

Now to save all my apples for lottos and all my FP for 01-01-2024!

The interesting part of this is that we got ½ year to grail the 3 star and below before the real run for SRs and SSRs starts. I can do it! :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane:

I expect going from NP1 Angry Mayo to Np5 Angry Mango on the same day.

Now image if they removed friend points or minimized the amount from the lottos. :fgo_bbgrin:


You’ll start obtaining coins on 6th anniv (ETA July 2023) so no need to hold back until Jan 2024. Especially with Guda5 rerun being a thing

(copy sheet to your drive, don’t edit)


Nice! Thanks for the info. :fgo_insane:

What’s the excel sheet about?