In 2024 we farm grails

I think it’s pretty plausible scenario.

We have 2 years to abuse the current lotto system folks.


interesting news. Getting more grails is good

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I hope you at least opened it

It’s about efficiency of creating CE bombs during different campaigns/events.

E.g. let’s say you have 10m FP and you roll all of them to make CE bombs to level CEs
During 2x Super/Great Success campaign [DL campaigns] it’s enough to level 4 CEs to lv100
During 3x Super/Great Success campaign [annivs] it’s enough to level 4 and half CEs to lv100
During 5x Super/Great Success campaign [5th anniv only] it’s enough to level 5 and half CEs to lv100
During Guda5 (and it’s rerun, assuming it doesn’t overlap with DL campaign) it’s enough to it’s enough to level 7 CEs to lv100

To put it short, keeping all FP until Guda5 rerun is like hitting two birds with one stone - you get roughly 43% more CE exp and on top of it you get servant coins from low stars (as these aren’t retroactive and you have to roll them post 6th anniv) to later turn into grails


I did open it, saw lots of numbers, screamed, closed it and ran away in horror.

Just saying that it was for “creating CE bombs” would’ve been enough since I couldn’t see that anywhere but you still took time to give examples and the conclusion of the sheet. :fgo_ereshwoah:
Thanks a lot for the thorough explanation on what the excel sheet is about! :fgo_tomoewoah:


So it’s time to hoard FP for the next two years? Has anyone ever reached FP cap?


Is this because they put the EXP CEs in the FP gacha?
I’m struggling to think of any other reason it would be so much greater.

3star exp = 18 000 ce exp
4star exp = 30 000 ce exp
1star ce = 1000 ce exp
2star ce = 3000 ce exp
I don’t remember numbers for 3star ces, but it should be 6000 ce exp?

So getting a single 3star exp is worth more than average 10x FP roll

@epsilondelta FP has no cap, and even if it has, it’s like 999 999 999 as the highest FP amount I’ve seen was at around 187m FP


Well damn that’s good to know. I normally spend all of mine during 2x campaigns so I only have 3.5 million right now from Christmas, but I’ll save it all for GudaGuda then.


Did the person purposely leave out Angra, habetrot and lily to assume a worst case scenario?
This involves a lot of go spending so their odds do matter, if their abysmal odds are accounted for the maths actually shifts significantly to 563063.063 fp average per grail.

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Yeah, I left it out bc it was easier.

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Saw this on Reddit.


It’s spreading already :fgo_bblaugh:


How do I make him also shit Lores?


You feed your NP6+ gold Servants to Baby Vinci and confiscate the lores from her diaper.


For the moment it’s not changing my grailing plans much (to bring all my SL to Lv 100). The decision to go for Lv 120 with some of my favs is still hanging on whatever the fuck DW plans to do with the coin system… As it is right now I prefer to prioritize append skills.

Honestly, this new system makes me think that DW is going to overflood us with grails so people will be more eager to roll for high NP levels of their favs. Up until now there were two main obstacles for bringing a servant to 120: servant coins and grail scarcity. They are getting rid of the second one. Which would point towards no extra coins for a while… Gotta milk the playerbase.

I guess they will eventually increase the BL to 20 with the same rewards as BL 11-15 but double the points needed or something like that and call it a day. It would open up more possibilities without having to go NP5+ but oh god the grindfest…

In any case, what it will change for sure is my FP and apple management. From now on, all apples will be saved for lottos and all FPs for Guda Guda 5 rerun :fgo_gudakogun:


I think, at least in part, something like this was a necessary addendum to the coin system moreso than a convenient predatory move (although, being both is also a possibility). Every type of player is going to end up with a gigantic pile of useless coins for one reason or another - high-end players rolling for NP5 on favourites will accumulate pretty fair amounts of gen pool 4* and even 5* coins, and everyone will eventually pull big excesses on 1-3* Servants via FP summons and quartz summon minrolls. Getting to do something with them was a necessity, but grail conversion was probably the most generous outcome, shy of being able to trade in for non-denominational coins for use on any Servant.


Yes, this was surprisingly generous. Completely changes my grail outlook and seems like it will be fun.


I think they’re kinda killing two birds with one stone here.
Initially, players were almost guaranteed to cap out the NP levels of FP servants, making extra copies worthless.
Then players were practically guaranteed to eventually cap out the coin requirements for FP servants, making extra coins worthless.
And of course, players will eventually run out of grails, or reserve using them due to scarcity, creating an eventual ember reverse-hell.

Now, not only are extra FP copies not worthless, and not only are the extra coins not worthless, but they create grails, which removes the ember reverse-hell, and maybe even removes the scarcity enough to incentivise people into grailing those FP servants. It’s a giant resource sink where there previously was none.

I’ve always been a bit umm and ahh about grailing servants like Medea, Ushiwakamaru, Medusa, and so on… They’re great characters, and even just giving them a gold border wouldn’t be expensive… But those grails would be the difference between level 100 on a 5 star and level 96. And what if they randomly release a 5 star that I really really like? Can I give up such a limited resource?
But now, what’s a couple grails? One lotto will pay for that and more.


While I understand the logic behind hording FP until this update drops, why wait till Guda 5 rerun specifically? Is that the event this comes with?

Lil bro nobu and exp CEs in the pool I think. Not sure how well I’ll be able to wait… I’ll need those arsh coins!