In 2024 we farm grails

I saw the thing about CE exp cards being in the FP pool. So they are only there for the event?

Not sure since I don’t play jp, but I think so.

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I’m at like 16M and I assume the cap is closer to 1B

So no. Even the people who open 1000 boxes in a lotto wouldn’t have hit it yet


The next step, aside from raising the bond level limit, is to make 4* Fous more available.

There are too many cool Servants coming out, and the fight for gold Fous will be painful. Time to introduce 5* Fous and let us at least 2k a few extra Servants per year while we ponder who gets 3k first.


What is there to ponder? Okita Alter and her summer form. This is objectively the right choice.


I admire your consistency :slight_smile:


Do you still get the coins for servant copies that were burned prior to the coin update?

Not for 3* and lower.

That is, the copies you have pulled but burned are not tracked. It goes by what you currently own.

SRs and SSRs are tracked, so they get their coins retroactively even if you burned copies.


thanks to this new way to get grails my grail plans no longer look like the dream of a madman with too much love to give and more like the one of an idiot with too much love to give


Actually, another exciting consequence of this is that I can probably find enough spare grails to have a fully grailed support list. I don’t currently like any Assassins to grail at the current rates of scarcity, and my favourite Servants tend to congregate in Caster and Lancer (and I suppose Berserker too, but there’s not as many Zerkers I wanted to grail and haven’t, just the top two that made the cut). But now, I can find 5 grails between the couch cushions and just throw them on Gramps or Vitch or even Yan Qing, just so I can have at least one 100 across the board.


Lol I gave up on that dream. I now have grailed…

Ruler x2
Avenger x2
Berserker x2
Assassin x2
Rider x1
Archer x1

At this rate I’ll add a Foreigner and an Alter Ego before I get back to Saber and Lancer. Or Caster :frowning:


I was lucky in the respect that, naturally, Assassin was the only class I was missing. Digging up my old shortlist, combined with my existing grails, I’ll end up at:

5x Lancers (4 girls and Enkidu - make your own jokes about how all my favourite female characters carry big, long, hard, penetrating weapons)
3x Casters, Berserkers and Alter Egos
2x Sabers and Rulers
1x Archer and Rider

So mixing in one bonus Assassin isn’t that hard.


Kama wants your love, and she’s extra-representative because she covers Female, Male, Final Boss, and Stone Cold Hooker attributes.

I don’t regret my Semiramis grails because she’s awesome, but damn does that girl need an FGO 2022 renovation.


Kama is a very tempting grail target… should I come into possession of one. We’ll see how much I like Odysseus/how cashed up I feel around the Ooku rerun.

I normally like to have my grailed units NP2 or better too, which disqualifies most of my SSR Assassins except Jack. Yan Qing is a good candidate, as is (and I surprise myself saying this) Paisen. Maybe I’ll even join the crowd and get myself a grailed Regend. Truly, the possibilities are endless.


Amakusa and QSH
Spishtar and ???
Junao and ???
Semiramis and Kama


Good memory!

Cu Alter


I was gonna guess Dantès but I couldn’t remember if you liked him or not

I forget Cú Alter exists these days


Yeah I kinda do, too. He served me well back in the day, but I haven’t used him in so long.


a little off topic but do you guys ever use fully maxed out meta dps?

Do level 120 max fou’d np6 Arjuna Alter deletes everything into oblivion? Do level 120 max fou’d np6 Space Ishtar casually dismissed irregular farming node?

Well, “NP6” is just shorthand for “got extra copies to be able to 120 and unlock all three Appends.” Doesn’t automatically equate to better performance.

Yes, the added ATK from 120 is noticeable. It’s not completely changing how the Servant performs compared to how they were at 100, but it definitely raises the benchmark.