In 2024 we farm grails

I explained it before
Although it’s a really high level of minmaxing


Huh I don’t even remember your Dantes being grailed. Must’ve mixed him up with someone else’s NP5 Dantes who’s lv 90.


If I didn’t already know better just looking at that list of grailed servants someone might think you only grail strong/min-maxed servants between Qsh and Kama for CQ and Spishtar and Dantes for farming and Junao for everything. But then I noticed Semiramis and it falls apart so fast. Poor aoe buster assassins.

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Almost feels like a crime to not grail NP5 Dantes if I’m being honest. Sure NP5 is going to loop at 90 just fine, but I’d want to take the numbers to the limit personally.

Gameplay influences my choices to an extent, but I like fun gimmicks and Servants who are somewhat unique in some particular way.

E.g. QSH is no part of any current or future meta thanks to being a face card attacker, but they are definitely unique and powerful in their own way. Space Ishtar is the only Servant so far who can freely set her NP card to any of the three types. Amakusa has a massive battery-over-time and a buff-stripping AoE NP, etc.


I recognize I’m ultra stingy in grailing.

I have 40 lying around and the only ones I grailed were Gil to 100 and Kagetora to 90.




I have 0 lmao

My SL doesn’t even have all the lv100s


This is my grailed list. Only 3 really took gameplay into account. Spishtar and Valks. I wouldn’t have grailed them if I didn’t like them tho. And also Chloe like I have said before carried my ass early on. The only guarenteed servants I am grailing in the future are Summer BB to 120 and saber karna to 90. There are some I will grail if I get lucky enough to get them.

I also have 14 grails left.

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Is it now possible to grail Mash in JP?

No but her max level after a certain point in the story goes to 90. And max bond to 8


Just noticed I’ve grailed at least one face-variant of each of the FSN heroines… (plus Illya)


Thank you for the reply!

I was hoarding FP for a totally different reason but yeah, great news and game changing in term of planning…

Potentially + 24 grails a year… I may grail a couple of 1-2 stars finally, not just keeping my grails for the lv 120.

Thx Clairvoyance EX+++ :slight_smile:


I admit thet I´m happy with this now I can give some grails some servants that I wanted but I was saving grails for the 120 system and for other future servants like Arcueid but now I can use my grails more freely

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So each lottery box gives you ~11k FP.

200 boxes per lottery, which has been my average lately, would net 2,2 million FP? Twice a year = 4,4 million.
Considering it would take ~16 million FP for all 24 grails, that’s a very low amount. Barely half of it. Sure, there will be maybe an extra grail or two from Friends and free summons, but still…

Sadly the Compendium doesn’t tell how many we get from Events (if we do, I don’t actually remember).

Unless there really is new ways to get Servant coins other than summoning and also FP go up significantly, the vast majority of the playerbase will be lucky to squeeze like 4 or 5 grails out of this, and probably only at the end of the year. Even some whales that rapple might have trouble getting all of them.

Even saving every single point of FP until 2024 plus the lotteries from 2024 itself wouldn’t be enough to grab all of them. I would have to increase my box count to 400 per lottery, and still enter 2025 with maybe half for that year.

Until I see more of it I’m not making any crazy changes thinking grabbing 20+ grails a year to make up for it would be easy or actually feasible, even saving two years in advance.


Let them buy Friend Points each month from the Rare Prism Shop!



Dunno, I started saving FP 6 months ago and I’m at 5 millions right now. 210 boxes x 2 lotos. You’re right on the numbers, but it’s not that hard to push a little more for FP.

Also, Regular whale roll + bond points + all our current NP3-4-5 SR and SSR. If you don’t spend all on appendix skills, you start your coin treasure box with a hefty number. Seems totally feasible to get 24 grails a year.

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5 million is easy. I also got that in 2 lottos. We’re talking 16 million points a year.

Maybe a whale can make the ~11 million difference in Follows and extra 4* and 5* Coins, but even then it still seems to recquire a lot to get 24 per year.

Starting now doesn’t really matter when you save 2 years + 2024 lottery and enter 2025 with pretty much zero and needing 16kk again.

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Hum yeah I guess was a little too optimistic. While I maintain it’s doable for dolphins/whale to get 24 grails 1st year, It’s probably not sustainable for 2-3 years… but I bet that we will have new means to get coins by then.

if FGO still running in 3-4 years…