In aether raids which is more important?


Increasing the Assalt Fortress to level 5 or the Defense Fortress to level 3 or 4?


Most people have their offensive fort at 4 and their defense at 3. Ive seen a few level 2 defense forts too (probably people rushing to level 5 offense).

I actually upgraded my defensive fort to level 4, with my offense being at 3. Reason being that Ive literally never once encountered another level 4 def fort, and Im perfectly confident that I can handle AR offense on equal footing. I get enough points from defense that I’d rather not write it off by having it at a disadvantage for however long it takes to max out both forts.

Up to you, really. I dont think theres a definite answer but again, most people favor offense.


I would recommend having at least level 3 defense before you go level 5 offense. A number of raiders have level 4 offense and they’ll have a really easy time if you don’t have level 3 defense.


Impressive! You must be doing something right with your defense team?


If you still got successful defenses even with a lvl 2 defense fortress, I’d say why not upgrade your offense fortress instead? It depends on your strength & preference. IMO, If you’re good at defense, it’s good to invest on offense to cover up your weakness and vice versa.


I, like @enlil, have noticed that most people have lower defense levels then their offense. So, I personally think defense is something you should favor more in the current meta. Because if you think about it, since most people have lower defense levels… why would you need the extra offense level? You would most likely win anyways without the extra stats.

My offense level is 3 and my defense level is 4. I barely lose my defense and I dont have much of a problem with my offense… unless theres an ophelia… BUT thats besides the point. Although, to be fair, I have quite the unorthodox team for my offense that I doubt many have. XD

LA!Lyn with Blarblade, Bold Fighter and Close Counter takes care of baiting and player phase. Shes the perfect blue. <3 Shes +9 with summon support and HP+5 Seal so she RARELY gets panic ployed.

L!Hecter for Armor March support and being a broken green.

H!Mia for healing and guidance support.

Aversa for debuffing.

And I even got a WrazzleDazzle counter. I was lucky enough to actually summon Nailah. :) So, I offered her up to OG Erika! Her weapon combined with Quick Reposte Seal and her mixed bulk makes her GREAT for taking on the WrazzleDazzle baiting maps.