In need of some small build advice for my Effie

So I’ve been wanting to merge my Effie for some time but she didn’t have a Prf so I waited.
Now she has a Prf but…it kinda of sucks (for the kit I gave her, at least).
I gave her DC, Vengeful Fighter and Atk Smoke (but I guess Atk Smoke isn’t that rare, so who cares).
The thing is that most of this fodder will be pretty unused if she just sees 1 combat for round.

So for other options I’ve been thinking about the new Candy Cane. It’ll give her Guard and a pretty similar Atk/Def effect (but no neutralize effect and no +6 attack when Hp>50%).

So yeah…for the fodder she has should I go with the Candy Cane or adapt the build for her prf? I play pretty casually so this really isn’t thinking about scoring or any mode, it’s mostly about what will work better.

Oh, and she’s +Res. The merges became combat manuals for clearing up space, so she’s stuck at it. The seal I’m using right now is the Def/Res Fortress because it helps her keep above 40/50 defenses (but I might change it to Def/Res bond now that I thinked about it)

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With Candy Cane+, the build you suggested looked already decent.

Or you could just do Special Fighter, both work.


You could still use her pfr, she cannot tank a lot of hits but her first combat would be extremely good. Flowing Lance is essentially identical: still inflicts Atk/Def-5 and neutralize bonuses, but she has to be alone, it’s less effective ( because it has less might and doesn’t give Atk+6), but it’s better for tanking (because it gives her more hp and Def or Res if refined and it works for multiple combats). Candy cane is also an option: it gives guard and increase her atk and Def, it works a lot with vengeful fighter ( the other lances would need crafty fighter or special fighter for inflict guard), but it doesn’t help her a lot against mages. Courtly Cancel + is good on slow units because it gives Atk/Def +5 and reduce the first hit by 50%, bit she needs to be healthy so you need to run a healing special.


Since you have an enemy phase centered kit you something like Candy Cane would work very well, Guard is great for slow tanks and complements Vengeful Fighter :candy:
Her prf is still decent since it lets her be close to her allies and the strongest enemy is typically the one that attacks first. The Atk bonus helps with one-shots. :crossed_swords:
Would probably still go with Candy Cane in the end though :feh_birbpeek:


Thanks everyone!
Tbh, all I really needed was some assurance that giving her Candy Cane would be a good choice since I had to go through a lot (42 summons, to be exact) to get those 2 (one for keep, one for fodder) Hildas.
So yeah, I decided to go with along with the Candy Cane.
Now all I need is 40.000 feathers…
And thanks again! Happy new year!

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