In terms of evaluating units, how harsh am I?

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While reading the Reddit page on the tier list update (please read the article btw), people were saying that the team is very harsh on some of the units. As my views are mainly aligned with the team, just checking your impressions of me when I am talking about units. :feh_catria:


Cruel, unjust, tyrannical even

Only nice evaluations allowed here


As one who knows how you rate and evaluate units, I can say that your justifications are typically very fair and based on the current meta rather than the unit in a vacuum, which many players seem to not understand.

I would much rather an evaluation be too harsh than too lenient anyway.


which units specifically?

I read the article yesterday and there was no unit that really stood out to me negatively. I mean there is a pretty long explanation for most of them.

The only categorization that felt somewhat harsh to me was Halloween Sophia, who is one of the few decent F2P units we’ve gotten recently. But when looking at AR specificially there is no reason to use her over lets say Brunnya, so I get it.


I’ll bring the table here just to know what is all about.

Personally I don’t undestand some of them, specially among the lowest tiers but I get it is a huge task with so many units out there


Let’s treat game resources like money. (They may be actual money, but that’s besides the point)

Would you want someone who you go to for financial advice to constantly be telling you that risky, low-reward investments are great, just because you have an emotional affinity for the company/ investment? No. That would be silly, and you would quickly find yourself broke and resentful that tossing a wad of cash at Gray Enron–for the memes–was a bad decision

My $0.02


Yeah it’s the new units. Sophia Julia and Summer Mercedes. :catroll:


I haven’t voted on the poll because those options don’t fully describe how I feel about this. I definitely see a ‘‘fair’’ tierlist when I look at this, it’s pretty good. But that doesn’t mean I agree with every single choice ofcourse. Some choices are a bit too harsh or too lenient in my opinion. For example: I don’t see why NY!Laevathein, a seasonal without a PRF, who doesn’t even have that great of a statline is in tier 2. Perhaps you’re being a bit too lenient to cavalry healers in general, some of them are really held back by their lackluster stats in my opinion. Just put NY!Laevathein in the same tier as the other cavalry healers and demote the ones with the truly lacking statlines.

I don’t want to make this post too long so here’s one other example: Why is H!Rolf higher than Bernadetta? :feh_arthurthink: She has a pretty solid PRF, but if you’re thinking about a Firesweep build, it only takes a few merges for her to be on the same level as a fully merged H!Rolf. Look at them at their fullest potential and Bernadetta is just straight up better. Same tier material if you ask me.


The fate of stat stick units without PRFs and with an unoptimized BST distribution. :cat:

That is why I think Sophia’s fairly minmaxed BST will help her longevity though.

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Underestimating bebe Kana like everyone else which is fine, more for me. Otherwise, pretty fair.


I sometimes disagree with the new units placement, but I feel that with time you get them right. For example, Gustav and the save skills were really overlooked at first. They completely changed the way AR is played and while for some of us was pretty obvious from the start (basically those that run EP and support strats), it took you a while to recognize their potential (and you are just now acknowledging their full supportive capabilities by adjusting the non-armored melee specialist acordingly).

But assesing the value of new units and skills is a hard thing to do, and we shouldn’t expect you to get it right at first. One thing I have seen you constantly do and I’m not sure why is to over value mixed phase units (like seeing BEphraim next to Gustav is a hard pill to swallow, but I guess he is there because galeforce/tank strats), but that’s mostly because I don’t like using them. I prefer full EP or PP units and supports. With mixed phase units I tend to overestimate their capabilities and they either can’t kill the things I need them to kill or tank the things I need them to tank. And if I’m being honest, I haven’t seen any of them in AR-O or AR-D in a long long time.

Having said that, I do have some discrepancies with the current ter list.

  • FLyon is overhyped. His 50% DR is a huge bait. I must confess I fall victim of him too (I have him at +8…), but he is not a good tank. He can be used against some units for some niche purposes (like a cav line check), but he doesn’t deserve to be top tier. He has fallen out of the meta with the rise of far saving, and will be even harder to justify once Axe Fjorm gets released.
  • Julius however, is a lot better with the current refine and probably worth of the tier 1 status. As I see, he is probably the top 2 ranged tank in the game (ranged in the sanse that he is ranged) on par or slightly below OGMicaiah.
  • Gatekeeper is… there. I haven’t been able to use him well. He fails at killing stuff both on EP and PP. His B skill is useful at times, but I’m starting to thing other support units are better than him. Maybe someone else with more experience using him can state their opinions. To me it’s not tier 1.
  • WHinoka and Ashnard are great support units for save tanks (they act as the baiter). I tend to think that Flayn is overhyped (her 30% DR is amazing, but for high defensive tanks, is not that useful). WTHinoka and Ashard offer impressive atk swings that can often have a higher impact on the match and there’s nothing in game (outside of Bram/Lyn) that can render their debuffs useless (unlike things like Deadeye, DuoLif or YInnes for DR). They are also competent fighters themselves that can work as antiarmor sweep check (Hinoka) or melee tank specialist (Ashnard). I would argue they deserve a tier higher.

There are some other units I’m not sure about, but since my playstyle is EP and support oriented, I can’t really comment.


Anything that is a Ranged Flier and has no PRF or Healing (looking at you, Scion Nanna) is far from decent until I$ releases ACTUAL ranged flier skills.


I’m not a meta girl so I think you are fine

Well yeah at least she is not a red infantry mage or another lance cav… my expectations are low

Being another Red Infantry Mage would be better than being a Ranged Flier

The reasons are actually mainly justified in the articles.

  • Flash is still a really good effect to use on defense, hence the leniency towards offensive horse healers.
  • Both Bernie and Rolf struggles to do much damage in the modern context. This meant that usually they are relegated to doing chip damage with Firesweep and double poison. So what is left is the bulk of the bow unit, which Rolf definitely is much better in.
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One thing is that the teams opinion is not just my opinion. There are certain things that I actually had a different opinion compared to the remainder of the team.

I guess what is different is that we are very open to make changes should there be a necessity to do so. While we can be harsh at times, we are willing to back track should we make a mistake or make further adjustments if fine tuning was necessary.

I do feel that at least on the initial ratings, we tend to be harsher than usual. That is something I myself am guilty of I guess. :feh_pentsive:


Maybe. Until IS actually bothers with a B skill she could actually use.

I guess we can call it the “Arden effect”. Went from almost useless to meta defining in a blink of an eye. :catcry:


Yeah I think you and the rest of the team are pretty fair tbh. The tierlist is honestly really reasonable and pretty much has been since you turned it into an AR only tierlist. And your comments and such from new trailers seem also very reasonable imo


Still, doesn’t really explain why NY!Laevathein deserves tier 2, which I consider pretty high considering we have units like B!Celica, Guinivere, Gunnthra and Hapi there just to name a few. Is it just because she has a decent attack stat? I dunno, overall she doesn’t seem much better than Ethlyn who has better speed.

Yep, Firesweep is basically their best role now. It’s funny that you mention that because what do you think is more important for that build in most scenario’s? Bulk or offense?

If we’re thinking about a Spendthrift build I’d also rather have the extra speed. Regardless, this discussion just proofs they’re not so different and H!Rolf should probably just be next to Claude and Bernadetta.

Another set of units that I think are not so different are Nils (tier 2) and dancers in tier 4 like Rinea and Y!Azura. That’s a huge difference in placement when in reality they don’t act all that different. Do you guys really value Nils PRF that much? A good HP stat isn’t exactly unique either. Considering this is an AR only list, I don’t really see how these tier 4 dancers have less functionality than something like Pelleas or Lugh. Just an observation.