In what banner will be altria rider?

I am thinking to roll for her, umu or normal archuria, all of them seems great but what I want to know is what CEs and other servants they share on their banner, personally at least I have no idea how to find those informations, so I will just ask directly who is the best to summon counting all viables?

Probably you noticed from title I kind of prefer Altria, since I think she will be awesome once shaki get released (she alone can boost her quick by 50% with first and last skill maxed, 70% with bond CE, that is kind of a high number there.), her skillset is really interesting and unlike other SSR in those summer banner, her demerits are not so high, also she a maid, but my SQ is limited so I want to roll for something I can use.

I just look it up on JP event list here NA is exactly 2 years behind JP. Bewar of spoilers.
Answering your question: Maid Alter will be released during part 2 of Summer 2019 event - somewhere past middle of August.
Contents of banners are like this:

  1. Archuria - Martha Ruler and Marie Caster + summer 2018 CE (this is late into event so dont count on CE drop bonuses)
  2. Umu :heart_eyes: - Saber Fran and Assasin Nito + summer 2019 CE (available from start, so will help A LOT wthgrind)
  3. Maid Alter - Archer Helena and Lancer Raiko + summer 2019 CE (again, this is late into event so dont count on CE drop bonuses)

Gameplay wise I say all 3 have 1 good 4* on rate up as consolidation prize (Martha, Fran, Raiko). CE… Midsummer Moment from Summer 2019 looks like good hybrid CE, Pirate’s party from Summer 2018 is nice, if very niche, that has alot of other and much better choices. But with summer servants, nonsetly, even more so than usual - roll for whom you like, gameplay secondary. So wait for your maid, I say :fgo_umu:

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She will be in the second banner of this year’s Summer event.

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She’ll be released during Summer 2’s second banner, with Archer Helena, and Lancer Raikou. In JP, she was released om 17 August, but we have no clue when it will happen on NA. There are no notable CE’s that you really need to pay attention to. The main appeal of this banner is Lancer Raikou, who seems to be an amazing Buster Support/ Main attacker.
Tenga Nero will be released in Summer 2’s first banner, with Berserker Nobunaga, Assassin Nitocris and Saber Frankenstein’s Monster. It was released on 09 August. Summer Little might be useful for NP looping, but it’s stats edge more towards HP, which sucks. No servant here is as good as Raikou, but they come close. Nero is a great farmer, but is stuck in the Caster Class. Saber Fran has great NP gain and damage , Assnito can NP loop if her death doesn’t hit.
Summer Artoria should arrive around 8 days after this event starts, alongside Ruler Martha and Caster Marie. Knights of Marines CE is probably the best Quick CE we have. Summer Artoria is amazing, probably the best thing in these 3 banners.The others are not.Martha is a meme, Marie sucks.

TL;DR Nero banner has the best value, then Artoria(Maid) then Artoria. But, there are servants on the other banners that are much better.

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