Inactive friends question

So I have played this game for a good chunk now and I have saved some good friends with good servants but some have not played for almost a year .

And I noticed bearly till now when you get a a support friend it only shows recent played friends.

Does that mean is useless to keep good support servants friends if they stopped playing?

If so how long should I let a friend be inactive before I erase them?

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Yeah it takes like two days of inactivity for someone to stop showing up.

When you decide to cut them is up to you. I’ve got someone who’s not logged in for over 130 days on my FL just because I can’t be bothered.


Kill them


I was going to say that same :fgo_astolfo:


So 2 days wow that’s really short. I guess I’ll try and keep those that go over 30 days for a while then only if they have some good supports.

Yeah, it is short. I personally try to keep at least some leniency - life stuff comes up, people can’t always prioritize a mobile game. :feh_lucyshrug:


Yea I seen people come back even after 50 days or more when a good event comes or new singularity.

But those that had reached almost the year. I was wondering if I should even keep then. After I noticed that the other day


Almost a year? Definitely remove them. I usually give between 2-5 days before I remove someone. A full year is a little bit too much time. Odds are they’ve stopped playing and aren’t going to ever pick it back up.


Yeah, it kind of depends sometimes, such as, whether you need to clear a space for someone right away or not, or like if you have a long-standing relationship with a certain friend that suddenly became inactive, and such.

Like for the regular friends who just added me randomly in the beginning, but then, suddenly goes inactive, I usually give them 7 days (a week), at least, of leeway time to see if they’ll come back and play again.

But on the other hand, I have this one friend, who I know I played with through multiple events for at least 2 years now, and yeah, like I said, we kind of developed that relationship of sharing each others servants, and whatnot, to help power through those events. He was inactive for about 67 days on my friends list, if I remember the number correctly, and suddenly just this week, he came back.

So, I’m really glad I didn’t lose faith and delete him, but it was also because I didn’t mind keeping him there, since I didn’t have the need to clear a space for someone else during that time, you know? I also kind of feel bad when I purge friends off of my friends list to be honest, that’s why, but in the end, it’s up to you and whether you need a space or not. If not, I don’t think it will hurt to keep someone who’s inactive for that long in your friends list still.

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I tend to remove people after about a week of inactivity. I have been working to build a support list that is useful to new players, so I prefer to make room for low-level account if some developed account is demonstrating disinterest.

That being said, there are a few friends whose servants I relied upon heavily when I was new, and they will remain on my list until they choose to leave it, simply out of loyalty and thanks.

I also have one RL friend who plays, but only logs in occasionally and really doesn’t seem to do much. But he’s a RL friend, so meh…

I’d love to get more GamePress folks on my list, but most are full all the time.


anyone who didnt login over 2 days is removed unless they grailed a low rarity servant to 100, then the limit is 3 days

Depend on your friend itself?
For me there’s some case when i think its common time when my friend became inactive. As for example because it was deadweek (no ongoing event, some people in my FL became inactive when no event around), usually they inactive for maximum 7 days.

I remember saves inactive friend for around 1 month because they have a good support. Sadly, i ended up removing them because its difficult to pick their support on battle (didn’t showed up becase they inactive for long time).

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If they’re inactive for over 2 weeks, they’re banished to the Shadow Realm.

Try to be a bit lenient in case maybe they lose their internet or account or something. I think 2-3 limits are a bit extreme for me.


I’d be cool with you on mine, if it’s reciprocated.

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I would be honored! I cleared a spot: 856,859,973

Req sent on alt!

… Which is where several past GP/Reddit req exchanges have gone, because indeed, I am dying, waiting for the +10 slots. :stuck_out_tongue: I s2g, DW, give me it now there’s a non-zero number of people I’d like on both.

I’ve got scope Achilles and 80 1/1/1 Sieg at the moment (RIP to the baby period of an account, I will not miss you once I’m out). With luck I can get 100 Achilles before the year’s up, buuuut that’s a tad thorny…


I have all of the main Big Four supports currently available, and I am only 400k bond points away from getting Herc’s bond CE, so let me know if you have any requests!

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Sounds legit, thanks!

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I have some friends with powerful line up but they are inactive since Guda 2 rerun. I hope they can comeback in the next event…

I got an opening if you’re interested, sent a request. Bride, Tamamono, and paracelsus bond CE’s are coming up soon for delicious looping potential.