Incense effectiveness changes

I thought the 2x effectiveness for incense was part of the changes that Niantic decided to remove.
But when I look on my app at the top left page named today I still see 2x effectiveness under speciales bonuses for the next 29 days
So I thought it’s only when moving but the effectiveness is back to normal when stationary (1 mon every 5min) but I used an incense, I didnt move for 1h and got 60 spawns. I’m confused. Did Niantic revert back on this with all the protest ? Is it the same for everyone here ? Maybe it’s just because I’m in a country on semi lock down with a lot of covid cases ?

Niantic did say they would make changes in parts of the world… they never said where and when… so you can only hope the bonuses stay active as long as possible for you. On the other hand you should hope they all get removed which I hope would mean that in your part of the world covid no longer is a problem.

In my part of AmeriKaland, Incense is still 60 minutes.

However, the distance for stops and gyms has been reduced, and that fucking sucks. I’m out walking my neighborhoods, and I can no long reach stops/gyms that are literally across a two-lane street.