Incest :feh_disgusting:

Wasn’t there a study that showed most men’s first girlfriend tends to resemble their mom in either appearance or personality when younger?

Then you said me that deirdre is the first girlfriend of Arvis??

There was but it’s the delivery on how it was done that’s funny.

“Oh, you look like my mom, I want to marry you.”

“Oh! You look like my mom because you’re my sister! Oh well.”


That’s confirm that the incest memes are the best

Then Seliph almost marries Julia…

Genealogy of the Incestial War. :thinkinglikelukas:


The thing I always find funny about this bit of info is that the Sacred Stones subtext was largely added to the English version, which is why Ephraim gets his (in)famous “Disgusting” quote in Heroes. Meanwhile, in Genealogy it’s flat out text. As in, it’s literally a plot point.

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