Incorrect location data on caught Pokémon?

Has anyone noticed incorrect location data on Pokémon they’ve caught? I’ve had three or four show their catch location as Des Plaines, IL, which is a) several hundred miles from where I am and b) not a place I’ve ever been to. Just curious how this happened or if anyone else has seen this.

Never THAT far away, but I’ve often had location data being 5-10km away - particularly when I’m at a political border, like the Ontario-Quebec border or Canada-USA near Detroit.

Was it a wild catch or an egg hatch? I’ve never had a wild catch be that far off.

Wild catch. I understand egg hatches are either where the stop is located or where the gift originated.

I had also got wrong location of Tokyo, Japan. But it got fixed after restarting the app.

If your Pokémon is that much far away, then you can use it for trading to get extra candies. :wink: