Increasing Defence

Hay, I’m just wandering if theres a way to boost the defence stat of a mon? I’ve got a load of 2* that I want to boost up to a 3* (also not sure if that is possible either) but they are massively lacking in defence. Can i/ how would I increase that stat? Thank you :slight_smile:

If a shadow Pokemon its purified, all its IVs will increase by 2. When Pokemon are traded, both will have all their IVs changed.

There is no other way to improve the IVs of a Pokemon (though this may be introduced in future).


Trading doesn’t garantee that the IV’s would improve, they can become worse too… even lucky trading can make your good pokemon go down.

Trading with best friends minimum 5 - 5 - 5
Lucky trading minimum 12 - 12 -12
Purifying all IV’s + 2


dont forget training centers may come soon

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