Indra Vs. Vulcan

Hey, so I got the choice ticket for Indra and Vulcan, I’ve recently pulled Mudrock, but should I go for Vulcan? I need more Factory Workers honestly but I don’t have many good guards except SilverAsh (haven’t raised him past base Level 50, working on E2ing and S2M1ing him). So what should I do?

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Ok, first of all, do you have Vermeil? Considering how Vulcan’s base skill works, E1 Vermeil is necessary to actually make sure that Vulcan gives you a net positive result.


Is it safe to assume you’re relatively new? Level aside (since he could be a new acquisition), you have to remember that just because they have the same class doesn’t mean they have the same function.

If you’re asking for help gameplay wise, it might help to know what your roster looks like so we know what you’re missing and who can help you out more.

Though imo, regardless of who you already have, Indra is generally more useful than Vulcan mainly because Vulcan is harder to use.


Well I’m Level 52, but I only have an E2 W. Honestly tunnel visioned myself, but I have a lot of the 3 Stars at Level 55, and the more useful 4star operators at Max E1. I do have Vermeil, but not leveled. When I say tunnel visioned, I tunnel visioned, cause I really forgot about SilverAsh until just recently. Also just rejoined for this new event since IRL has calmed down.


Uh… Yeah… seems like you did. :sweat_smile:

Though, telling me you have the more useful 4* is pretty vague since our definitions of useful would differ. :sweat_smile:

Vermeil only needs E1 to enable Vulcan’s base skills if you really want her for your factories.


I have:
E2 Max Skilled (not Mastery Thought) Level 50 W
Level 50 Base Hoshiguma/SilverAsh
Level 1 Mudrock
Level 50 Base Weedy/Nearl/Warfarin/Lappland
Level 50 E1 Elysium
Level 50 Base Level 60 E1 Maxed Skill (not Mastery) Moussse/Meteor/Cuora/Myrrh/Shirayuki/Perfumer/Gitano/Shaw
Level 50 E1 Courier/Vigna
Most of the 3 Star Characters are all level 55 and skills maxed.

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Rather than Indra, you should raise Lappland and SA as Guards. They’ll serve you better in general than Indra.

So that leaves the ticket free for Vulcan if you really want her for the base skill. Just remember that she needs to be paired with E1 Vermeil otherwise you have negative production bonus. And if you have a third operator slot in the factory, put either Cuora or Noir Corne with them.

Not really how I’d recommend using the ticket, but we all have different needs and such.


Alright thanks. I’ll get to raising Vermeil soon.


Better raise operator that you will use in battle 1st instead of base operator. This will make your farming life easier.


Keep in mind also–Vermeil’s base skill synergizes better with Cuora and Noir Corne, and Vulcan only does better than the two of them if you E2 Vulcan–and the small amount it improves her over the two of them would take months to make back the resources it took. All in all, neither of these two are going to be that useful for your base.

That said, there are people who swear by Vulcan, but it takes a lot of practice and careful timing to use her well. I have both Vulcan and Indra and I rarely use either, but out of the two I use Indra more–her low DP cost makes her a great pick for CC maps where Vanguards are banned, and she can also switch to doing Arts damage while her S2 is up. Vulcan can hold lines and do good damage without needing a healer, and you could pair her with Mudrock to go completely Medic-free on some maps, though you’d need some great Vanguards since they both have high DP costs.


Why do you put Vermeil with Vulcan?
For me the natural combination is Popukar, Vulcan(and lately Bubble) because they nullifies each other’s drawbacks and Vermeil has the same drawback as Vulcan.

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Bubble’s E1 Base skill is essentially the same as Vermeil’s skill. Except that Bubble’s skill is conditional. If the Capacity Limit is 18 or below, she gives +1% per limit. She only gives a +3% bonus per Capacity Limit if the Operator has 19 or above. And, as of now, only E2 Vulcan has a bonus that high.

Cuora, Noir Corne, and E1 Vulcan have limit bonuses of +10, +10, and +16 repectively. In terms of production bonus, they have 10%, 10%, and -5% respectively.

If we use Bubble, she gives them an additional 1% each per Capacity Limit. So their totals will be +20%, +20%, and +11%.

But Vermeil gives +2% Production per Capacity. So their totals if paired with Vermeil is +30%, +30%, and +27%.

Popukar has high Productivity at 25%, but she give a -12 Capacity Limit, so she doesn’t benefit at all from Bubble or Vermeil’s skill.

E2 Vulcan gets +19 Capacity, so she benefits more from Bubble who gives +3% Production per capacity since Vulcan now has more than the +18 Capacity that is listed in Bubble’s conditional skill. So E2 Vulcan gets +52% Production bonus if she is paired with Bubble after subtracting the -5% Productivity found in her skill…