Influx of 3* CEs in FP Gacha recently?

In the last 10 pulls off the FP gacha (no more than 1 multi/day, with a few missing days), I’ve only had 1 day when I didn’t get a 3* CE, and 4 days when I got 2. That’s 13/100 which is almost 3x my normal rate. Anyone else?

Just wondering if it’s an extended streak of luck or if they’ve upped the odds.

The odds is still the same I think, they never really touch the FP gacha except to add things in

Either my luck has been consistently good of late, or something has changed.

Prior to mid-Jan, since I started recording all of my FP gacha pull results a year ago, my rate of 3* CEs was 4.9% (in over 7000 rolls). Since mid-Jan, it’s been 7.4% (in over 500 rolls). So while I can’t say the overall odds were changed, I can definitely confirm that my own results are way better than they have been, and enough better for me to have noticed in the first place.

Not that it gives me anything really new or exciting, mind you. Like, I haven’t gotten any event CEs in that mix…