Info and stuff ab the stream + collab

vell vell vell
We gonna get 8 new gals and one singular guy:catlie:
But the MAN himself is gonna CLAP

collab units infos:



and we get the other gal for free… whos apparently a mage dunno the skill information yet

The new 3 Star heroines, I wont call it heroes anymore cause yeah

The new EEs :catburn:




welp, time to save mystics and pray to every mystical being known to mankind to get ma man Charles :catdestroy:


Closer Charles is 10/10, I like the fact he is a thief so he gets some busted artifacts.

The collab looks iffy despite it being a backup collab and compared to what the new dragon knight units will bring who are free to get it feels like this collab was a rush job. Hell we could of had 2 more characters from ReZero with the kits the dragon knights have for free as 3*'s and SG could have called it a day but hey GL to those wanting ReZero units with what we got :beers:

The EE’s are definitely a nice addition, those characters needed one


Yessir, gonna be going all in on charles’ banner, honestly most excited for him out of everything. I’m conflicted on how to build him though, lifesteal, speed, bro I can’t decide. Artifacts too, so many good options in the thief pool, he’s definitely looking to be a strong one, especially with those killer base stats.


Yo just occurred to me, with A cartuja’s EE, he’s looking like a fine partner for the main man


not only him, but with G!Purrgis too :catknife:


You right, those are some hella strong options. Bro I’m more excited for the release now lmfao

Did they use the leftover collab fund on ML Charles or something? That S3 is just bad

As a wise person once said, “Eh, it’s a guy, so I’m automatically not rolling for him”. Strangely enough, can’t say I’m excited for anything or anyone in this update. Back to waiting for summer 3 limited character(s), I guess?

Welp, got rid of some excess bookmarks, pulled both Emilia and Rem after spending about 500 bookmarks in total. Back to waiting for someone more interesting to join the harem. Owning every character you like really helps save up resources in the long run, but it kind of gets dull just hoarding the premium currency.

Closer Charles is the anime version of Zero from R6S