Sorry I can’t take request now.

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You did warn them.

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Is there really a point in making this thread?


Yup after I put my party setup I received request from people from here. I prefer being honest.

Oh, was wondering why I lost you as a friend. Tbh, I’m prolly gonna request you for NeroFest again, is that ok?

I only take the 30 first request. You better be quick.

Generally if someone comes to you for help, chances are high they are going to want to continue to want your help even after the event.
Purging your FL and having to sort through requests after each event seems more labour intensive than it needs to be.

I remembeing seeing a person in the FGO facebook fan page who removed anyone who was lvl 100 or higher. So you aren’t the only person i seen do that.

I keep them until lvl 120

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