Infrantry Rush talk show

Infrantry rush is an weird skill to me. I personally dont see a use of it. Unless im misunderstanding how the skill works. It guves a +1 charge to your special per attack if your atk> enemies atk. Now, i honestly dont see a use for this skill and i havent really seen it on a lot of builds. So it makes me think the skill is irrevelant to the majority of heroes. Ive just been seeing enormous amounts of skills that are just plain silly ir carbon copies of “older” skills. What does everyone think about this?

It’s not common, no. Basically it’s drive heavy blade.


Brady just chilling in the barracks for eternity then.

I mean Brady could use it. It is a support skill, most likely used on support units, that’s why it’s not commonly seen. Glass cannons or tanks prefer skills that benefit them directly (e.g., Smokes, Ploys, Armor March).

I bet you could use it to support units like Duo Ephraim (due to his obscenely high Atk), allowing you to use a different A skill.


Yeah. It’s not a horrible skill, being able to free up the A and seal slots when you want to use heavy blade is actually pretty good. I think if it weren’t infantry locked it would see a lot more use (fliers come to mind as units that could use it very well)


well you just put it on a support and you give everyone heavy blade so idk how you didnt find a use

Yep, a similar skill à la Tactics (Pulse Tactic? Tactic Blade?) would be interesting to those players wishing to run mixed teams.

Possibly. More tactics based skills would be nice ngl.


I dont use heavy blade to be honest. The +1 special charge confuses me a bit. Is it saying for the enemey? Your unit? I mean, im sure its an wonderful skill to use. I guess the wording is very specific for me to understand. Which is my fault lol

your unit’s attack > enemy’s attack


If you’re unit has more attack than the enemy, then you’re unit gets +1 special charge. So say they had moonbow which is 2 cooldown. Normally it would take 2 attacks to get it charged, but with heavy blade it only takes one. Note that heavy blade only applies to when your unit attacks, not when the enemy attacks them.


That makes more sense now. Since its explained more in detail

Ahhh. Thank you. The +1 special cooldown had me confused. I understood the rest of what the skill was saying.


It’s pretty nice, but stats are better.

No worries, took me a while to understand it back when it was released as well. Especially since Killer (Slaying) weapons said - 1 and HB said +1, but ye. They both accelerate specials.

Eh I feel that’s debatable. I’d much rather be able to get my special off for a lot of damage than a few extra points of damage from a drive.

I was just looking at is partnered skill infrantry pulse and it says -1 as well. Thats why i was confulsed.

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Yup, it’s easy to be confused by it ^^ not very intuitive, but ye.


I see it being used effectively in an galeforce team. Im not sure how well it would vibe. But it might work?

I think every player in the game has been confused about this at one point. A slaying weapon reduces your cooldown count (e.g., Bonfire from 3 to 2: -1); Flashing Blade accelerates your charge per attack based on Spd (e.g., every attack 1+1).