Ingrid or FKris? Which blue spear unit should I build?

Dont have any good builds In blue yet. Debating on building Ingrid or FKris who will be on a skills focus banner very soon. Looking to build and +10 one. Which should I choose?


Take this with a grain of salt, but
I’d say Kris is the better choice for +10 ing because she makes use of all of her stats with the generic speedy tank (distant counter + spurn) build.
Ingrid should still excel at her role as an offensive cavalier without the +4 from all stats. It would make her stronger, but it’s not really necessary, so it’s better to just get her to +1 unless you really like her.


It depends on the kind of unit you prefer

Ingrid is designed for pure Player Phase due to how Luin works, while Kris excels as a mixed phase unit due to coming with Spurn

Of the two, Kris benefits more from merges due to using all stats instead of almost exclusively Atk and Spd, but as I said, if you prefer all-out offense, Ingrid will suit your needs better


I would say F!Kris is more versatile to use in most game modes because she works well in both phases as stated above. She also scores better in Arena.

Ingrid is probably the best lance unit to use in AR-D now thanks to her unique weapon and her mobility. But I don’t see her being that great in other game modes compared to Kris.


I’m biased because I have a +10 f Kris, and only pulled one copy of Ingrid of that ban. Haven’t even tried out Ingrid yet but her lance looks scary from reading it. But like everyone said, Kris is more versatile in other modes, and from my experience with using her in AR, she’s a great carry. Give her Null Follow-Up to counter those Galeforce/Lunge Eliwoods, just wish you can switch kits during the AR offense map view lobby to alternate with her Spurn

Also, don’t forget that Kris can neutralize penalties with her spear which is more useful in AR with all the chill shrines and skills

Lastly it also depends on which character you like more from their games, I first picked female Kris in the customization main of New Mystery


Depends on what you need, because despite being blue spears they fulfil different roles.

Ingrid is cav, so has more movement and would devastating in PP with her firesweep effect and galeforce.

Kris is more for both phases, with tanking and DC (probably her best skill set). Ingrid will also likely be cheaper for skill inheritance, as her base kit is pretty good and mostly just needs galeforce. Kris will need DC, and possibly some other things.


It depends on what you need, personally I find Ingrid more interesting.

Ingrid excels as a galeforcer. She’s a devastating lance cavalier outclassing units like Sirius and Perceval. Her kit is really something:

There isn’t a limit on her true damage (she probably learned this from her mentor L!Dimitri) and she can easily reach around 65 speed. Dealing around 13 true damage. This is like a mini-special that helps make up for the lack of a damage-dealing special. It’s also not a ‘‘difference between stats’’ kind of deal, so it’s pretty reliable.

But her best tool is obviously preventing counter attacks which, needless to say, is always amazing.

So, as a galeforcer with 3 movement she’s pretty much the best and will likely stay one of the best for a good while. Pirate Tibarn is amazing too, but if you had to build one from scratch you could argue that Ingrid is a bit more available, being in the regular pool and sparkable.

F!Kris is without a question a top tier unit but has more competetion as a blue duel phase unit. Less competetion as a fast blue duel phase but we do have the Dimitri’s/M!F!Corrin. But as I said before it depends on what you need, if you’re in need of a blue unit that can take hits I would probably prioritize F!Kris as well. And F!Kris scores slightly better in Arena so that’s also something to consider.

I hope this helps :feh_legion_miso:


L!Dimitri should be your choice. No contest. :feh_dimitriblush: