Ingrid question

If running Galeforce + Heavy Blade seal
would Lull Atk/Spd be better than Lull Spd/Def?
My Ingrid is +Spd btw


I’d say yes, but I also wouldn’t say that it’s worth foddering unless you know that you’ll be using Ingrid a lot and won’t regret it.


I’ve been using her a lot and cant wait to see her with the bonus stats in arena, 58 Attack I feel is not very reliable these days, because of buffs and other stuff


In that case, I’d say go for it
to be fair, though, I’m not the best at FEH so you should probably wait for someone else’s opinion first

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Lull Atk grants you more Def/Res by protecting against the foes visible Atk buffs.

Lull Def grants you more Atk by protecting against the foes visible Def buffs.

So do you care more about damage dealt or damage taken?


It sounds like they want to give her the Lull just to proc Heavy Blade

Luin gives Ingrid a Firesweep effect so she doesn’t really need the bulk


Spot on

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Pretty much works like a charm.


Mine is +Spd tho, if she was +Atk then I would be set

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I’m on the fence about it, because even with the Lull, I’m not entirely sure how reliable her attack stat is. Even supposing max merges with +Speed, that’s 55 visible. If the Rouse and Solo are active, that’s 68. It’s not a bad attack stat, per se, but because she’d already have a visible attack buff there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room to boost it further. Lull would essentially mean anyone with 70 or less visible attack is under her, but that’s also before factoring in their combat buffs.

The short version is, it can work, potentially, but it’s probably not as consistent as with a unit like Camus or Perceval. Ingrid has lower attack, and the speed-based true damage doesn’t factor into heavy blade’s activation (I believe, someone correct me if I’m wrong). To make matters worse, that uncapped true damage means it’s fairly easy for Ingrid to one-shot opponents, which negates the ability to proc Galeforce.

To that end, if you’re going to run Heavy Blade in an attempt to make Galeforce work, definitely take Atk/Spd Lull. It not only helps the activation, but also helps her avoid one-shots on opponents.