Innes worth investing? (Only one copy somehow and no grails)

I have a bad habit of wasting grail units as fodder then wanting to build them later. I did it to Navarre, Kempf and Arden(he still needs his last merge). So I kinda want to build Innes and only have a single copy. I’m willing to dump all the necessary premium fodder, but it’ll be quite a while to get some merges. Wondering if giving him a solid build is still worth it with no merges for now.

Side question, there’s no hope for him as a HoF unit any year soon right?

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Was planning to put him and BAlm on a ARD team w/duo catria support

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At earliest he’d be in the next Sacred Stones HoF which is over a year away since we just ran PoR

Honestly, though, he’s best Grail unit we’ve gotten this year. I’ve just given mine a very basic build (just Desperation with base kit) and he still shreds


If you don’t have an immediate need for him, and are low on grails, I’d consider holding off before committing a lot to him. I don’t think it’s likely we’ll get another grail unit as good as he is (He’s very good, I’m sure you’ve never heard that before) in the time it takes you to save up for him, but if you’re starting from scratch we’re talking a couple months before you finish him, so there is a risk there.

But even at +1, mine’s put in some pretty decent work (I don’t use him in ARD, but I have seen him work out very well there), so if you wanna invest in him a little you could certainly do worse.


I use him on my astra galeforce teams at +1 with guard and atk smoke, 1 infantry pulse support (should maybe be 2 because that’s normally how I set up my galeforce teams, but it’s also useful to be at low CD because I can activate it more frequently), and he’s fairly good just like that.


Good points overall. I think I’ll hold off for now. I have some other options for direct damage dealers, looking at LCelica atm. Would be a pretty nasty quad, just wish she wasn’t legendary so I could bless her.

Hmm nvm, I was thinking celica had desperation at above 75% rather than under… not so easy to pull off.