Insane luck! Double Shiny Mewtwo!

This is not a clickbait thread. It was a real-story:

Quick Question: Mewtwo left the Ex Raids again or it’s going to be gone after November 18th?


I’m not sure the EX schedule, but that was great luck to get 2 shiny shadowball mewtwo b/t 3 raiders. I’m not able to raid as much as I did previously, so I’m relying on your kind of luck now…it went the other way though with Regigigas quest 10/10/10 w/ fighting hidden power and Darkrai none of my main account were above 2100. Fortunate enough to get a 100% non-shiny Psystrike Mewtwo that is at 39.5…this updated rocket thing has me caring less about trading for shinies that take 40k. I got a start on the double move major meta-mons but I might end up buying incubators for the holidays bc I’m not able to catch-grind for stardust these days

Bravo, and congrats to the two who got shinies!

Also, this is a video that would be a good watch for some people in my local group to watch. I can’t tell you how many times people fall into the mindset of “oh, we need at least 5+ accounts or we won’t beat it,” and flat out refuse to try even when they’re told otherwise. This provides fantastic evidence of 3 accounts beating Mewtwo using: counters that are low level, lower-tier counters, an assortment of random things (Groudon/Roserade), and Mons with wrong moves (FB Darkrai, C/DG Gardevoir) and they still get the job done! OP, would you be opposed to me sharing this?

Also, @VrillonX, please don’t take my comment the wrong way. Totally not bashing any of those accounts for the counters they’re using. Again, it’s just great evidence to show those who believe you need a group of 5+ with all lvl 40 best-in-class counters to get the job done against Mewtwo. :grin:


Not at all. Go and share the video. We wanted to prove that you don’t need as much as the main counters guides tell you to have. We have a friend that doesn’t play so often and he does some raids with us when he has the time. So he was full of Non-trained Darkrai, which were really good against Mewtwo (Despite he had Focus Blast though). Then he went with the reccomended stuff and everything went smooth.

I’ll be pleased if you share this video. It would help the channel to grow a little more. Don’t worry, I don’t take the comment as an offense. It’s totally the other way around, I’ll take it as a compliment.


This was an Ex Raid Mewtwo in the EX Raid is easier then the regular Mewtwo was.

If you look on Pokebattler you can see that you can beat it with 3 players using full Darkrai teams level 20 in sunny weather, if Mewtwo doesn’t have Focusblast :wink:, Darkrai is great against Mewtwo for those players that don’t power their Pokémon…

Still it is great to see people win against the raid bosses even if they are only level 32 and even more so if they do it in small groups.

Congrats on beating Mewtwo and congrats on getting that shiny :+1::+1::+1:

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