Insanely Low Drop Rate for Snack, and its ruining Hunts

Video is only close to 1 minutes + long, with proof inside

Hear me out

The QoL changes Smile Gates/ Super Creative in regards to Snack is trying to bring us over, didn’t do much of anything, other than being a nuisance messing the rates on hunts, causing equip/ gear, bookmarks/ mystics not to drop and instead replaced them with Snacks

It would have been fine if they drop on Adds, but these actually drops from the Boss himself, removing any drops that we were meant prior to this patch

The patch as a whole is nice, but two of the main things bothers me and a lot of people. This so-called snack, and the other being RNG system on Pets

The Snack’s drop rate is also hilariously low, yes you can get them from Chest, but having been gone through over 70 stages and finally got my first one. The drop rate is extremely low. and you only get to use it once on Auto before it’s gone

Note in total I have close to 20 Snacks now, this is done through farming nonstop on Hunts, however, where all the drops could have been Mystic/ Gears/ Bookmarks is now replaced with Snacks. This is how I feel towards this whole snack thing as a whole.

It’s a huge letdown for sure-- might as well just ignore the whole pet system outside of the passive effects like bonus drops. The fact that you have to be spending snacks on auto-repeat just to loot the chests adds insult to injury.

My suggestion for the meantime would be to save the snacks for a double drops event or other optimal farming time when you REALLY want to go ham. But yeah, those of us who farm nonstop anyways and were looking forward to a convenient feature are pretty disappointed that it’s so limited.

We suspect they’re going to sell the snacks for Skystones or real money (in a pack), and I hate to admit it but it’s tempting. Having to attend to my phone while doing other things is distracting and I would love to fully multitask.

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I have found out that if you stop the auto before the next stage you can save the snack and still auto open chest. Then you manually do try agein like before. Not much of a improvement, but at least is something not having to look out for chest

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