Inspiration / Help building Seliph

Hi all,

since I treated myself to FEH pass to spark for Dimitri on the HF banner, I have the resplendent garb for Seliph. And of the three resplendents that I got (or will get in case of Ophelia), he is the one that I like most. I never played Genealogy, but I kinda assume that I like his character and story line from what I have read (Remake when ?).

Sooo… I kinda wanna build Seliph but never really tried him out in FEH. From what I have read he can be quite the unit with full investment. Thing is… I’m short on DF and I don’t really know if I want to spend all of what’s left on Seliph. Gen 1 units need so freaking much…

So, I want to ask you guys who build him: What kind of build would you recommend? Is DC mandatory? His refine makes him viable against mages I guess. So he would probably benefit from DC. However, I kinda have enough strictly enemy phase infantry units and would prefer mixed or player phase more.
Also, I see people run NFU on him quite a lot - why is it so preferable on him? He’s not that speedy, so he wil naturaly get doubled by fast units anyway. So it’s mainly to ensure he is doubling?

The big questionis: Do you think Seliph is viable without investing DF?
And what build would you suggest? Please show your Seliph builds if you have one :feh_flaynfish:

I kinda played around with the Unit builder and came up with this.

Would you change skills and for what?

(By today’s standards, even with resplendent bonus, his stats seem so low without DF…)

Any feedback is appreciated :feh_flaynfish:


Heres mine, I know its still the old school boring thing, but I’ll update it at some point :catdestroy:

DC is not really necessary, it simply depents on how you wanna build him.
I’ve seen alot of Seliphs who simply focus on being a melee unit for what it’s worth :catdance:
He’s alot of build options with two dope refined weapons, so your options are practically limitless :catknife:
If you want alot of build inspiration with both of his weapons u gotta check out Lawwwrry on YT, he’s imo the N.1 Seliph guy and he has alot of vids explaining stuff about the builds he uses and such :catdance:

For your questions:
No DC is not mendatory, but its pretty neat to have and no you don’t need DFs I’ve only 4 on mine.
Its more or less a convenience thing :catballoon:


NFU is good on Seliph as with his refine he can double on either phase and he may be slow-ish but he’s still faster than many of the meta units but this lets him only take one attack from many of the slow, powerful units which he easily does with his bulk and with the ability to hit back twice and it’s even better with Steady Breath as a seal for faster access to specials.

DC is good, but making him a dedicated physical tank is also an option. He has enough bulk to take hits, especially with the built-in damage reduction and he can just kill most ranged threats next phase with his refine and NFU guaranteeing a double.

Here’s how I run mine. TP + Steady Breath + Atk/Def Unity make him a perfect hard counter against physical foes with fast healing thanks to Aether. You could also run something like Pulse Smoke instead of TP to deny Galeforcers, but he doesn’t get healing that way.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your input :feh_flaynfish: Much appreciated

I really like your builds: Vengeance actually makes for an interesting special since his HP is so damn high. The vengeance-like skills don’t see much use so it’s cool to have a unit that can actually make use of it.
Also, I checked out this Lawwwwrry guy, his Seliph is looking crispy! :feh_arvisboneappetite: (althoug fodder-expensive)

TP & Steady breath is a nice combo, however I don’t have TP fodder and SB is taken by my Tiki.
NFU does make him a viable counter against green Edelgards and the likes I guess.

The more I play around with the idea of building him, the more i seem to like his resplendent art and character. :feh_deirdrehappy:

One thing I noticed: When not going for DC, you can run Deflect magic on him for 50%DR on first and 80% on second hit :feh_kleinyes:

So, for now, I think I will go with these builds for him, changing his seal and specials and experimenting with him for a bit:

Now I’m actually looking forward to playing FEH later this evening, other than collecting ressources, summoning 3 stars and closing the game :feh_seliphsmile:
Should I change my approach of building him, I will update here.
Also, please feel free to further show Seliph builds, nice builds are always inspiring to see!


Dope glad I could help in some sense :catdance:
Oh ye I totally forgot to explain the Deflect Magic shenanigans, mb :catdestroy:


Just switched to this build after some savory pulls on the LB 5 man team pls Altena!!


Looking good. :feh_seliphsmile:
Distant Stance sure must be good on him (although there are some units that I would like to gift with that skill first if I had it)


I think Atk Smoke is a pretty good budget skill on him that helps him more than Hone Atk 4.

I’m in the same boat with my Seliph and it’s really painful for me to commit 2000 DF to a Gen 1 unit.
The first 5 flowers come pretty cheap though.


I had that thought about Atk Smoke too. However, I have im learned Atk Hone 4 for now, since it comes for free ATk / Def Unity from the spare B!Dimitri I foddered.
I will try Atk Smoke and see what I like better. First i gotta do LOTS of grinding though.

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Been waiting on his resplendent for awhile to give him some new skills and that extra Fae was summoned right on time.


I love a good boy thread whenever I see one.

At present I’m hoping for more distant stance fodder for best boy and additional feathers to bulk him up in one go.
Alternatively heavy blade 4 and galeforce would work wonders on him with null followup and times pulse. Or even using an ascended speed stat to stack speed on him with kestrel stance 3 and a far save support


A fellow galeforce seliph enthusiast :feh_ceciliaculture: I haven’t done this yet but this is what I run on Dieck, another auto follow-up user, and it works great:

Tempest skills aren’t that common but I really like them! The extra mobility makes it feel like you’re using a cav but with way better skill options.

Only thing is he’d need a pulse or something to get going, so maybe Time’s pulse instead if you wanted him to be more self-reliant.


Thank you very much for sharing your builds :feh_flaynfish:

So far I really like Seliph, he’s doing great and he’s fun to play. His atk and def can stack pretty high and the refine allows him to Tank mages better than one Would expect.

To let you know: This is how my Seliph looks now.

Im glad I decided to build him :feh_seliphsmile:


I feel like he’s a pretty optimal sturdy surge user with bonfire but I haven’t played around with it yet.