Integrated Strategy #1: Ceobe’s Fungi Mist General Discussion

A new game mode for AK is here, I think this new game mode should have a thread to discuss it just like Contingency Contract, we’re here to discuss about gameplay, sharing your progress, etc etc

So let’s get wild :fgo_gaooo:

More information about this game mode can be found here


This is the best I could go rn, to fifth floor at most and was destroyed by Sarkaz casters :fgo_coffee:

Lots of drone stages too in my last run :ak_nianunimpressed:


I love this game mode but the RNG can be frustrating. My first run my W carried me though to the fourth floor despite the game not letting me have have other snipers and giving me guard tags when I have only low level guards. Had some bad runs after that but this current run is looking good as long as the game gives me some anti air so fingers crossed. I love the temporary/emergency recruitment too as it gives me chance to play with ops I wouldn’t otherwise


This mode seems really fun but yeah the RNG can be dumb sometimes.

I just had a run where it gave me 2 defenders + 1 medic to start. And then the first fight reward was another medic. I lost on the second fight because I couldn’t deal any damage.

And then my current run started by giving me a temporary recruit May. And then on the second node the duck appeared, who is basically a boss wraith and May’s stunlock just hard-countered him and he dropped so much loot. I have a full squad already at the end of floor 1.


I’m having fun with it, but damn can that RNG make for some messed up runs. I got a run where I started with two medics and a defender, literally didn’t even beat the first battle. So far my best run got me to the beginning of the fourth stage, then I died because I decided to walk into that ambush from the cautus girl. What can I say, those ears get me every time.

Also had a run that gave me six snipers, and I’m like “sweet I can get that one for having 5+ snipers or medics in one run! That’ll make the rest so much easier!” I missed the part that said I had to complete a run with 5+ of them. Oh well.


Yeah some runs you know are just going to be a bust - My last run would have been great if I had just one medic. Scraped onto the fourth floor with very little health left and still no healing. Oh well, still a heck of a lot of fun.


RNG feels a little much but it is a roguelite so oh well. Ops that can cover multiple roles seem even more important here than in CC. If I can’t get a healing defender after the first battle on the second floor it’s probably a lost run (or a good DPS melee and medic but that needs two vouchers and probably more hope).

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My temp May was joined by a temp Aak. So many stuns.
Got perfect on this map without blocking :feh_faedance:


Are there any different ending route?
Or i should wait until i clear higher difficulty?

There’s 3 endings according to the Gamepress site. Since it’s a huge page I’ll screenshot the section on the endings:

Personally I’m still hoping to win the normal one lol


Dang it, I’m too exited that i forgot searching for some guide hahahha, my bad

Thanks for reminding

So the next run after I said that I was finally able to clear it for the first time. Unlocked the upgrades for Guard/vanguard and Defender/Supporter, was one short each for the other two.
The run after I picked the guard/vanguard one, and lost in the second area after getting none of either of those classes :rofl:

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Damn, this run was so good. Got to the world 5 boss, but I had nothing that could tank shitty Faust’s purple shot. Why does he take so many lives :fgo_okitacry:


My RNG is dogshit. I get the class I dont really want to work around with.

Oh well. I will do as many runs as needed in the first 2 floors and get my rewards. Then call it a day.

I wonder how many runs will that take. :fgo_gudako:


Holy crap I didn’t know he took that many lives. The only way I survived that final battle was thanks to Gravel. Turns out her redeployment time is just enough to get out the shot before his next purple. Otherwise I definitely would have wiped too


Should have recruited more sniper for the fanatic but meh :ak_nianunimpressed:


Deepcolor too strongk!
I dropped in Hosh without realizing Faust’s long lost cousin was on the way… Had to rotate Deepcolor, Ansel and the RI Sniper to make sure my healer didn’t die.

This was my 4th run. Others all ended on Floor 3/4. 2 I messed up on the -dp no ranged tiles map (ran out of time before placing my healer) and the other I got stun locked by that golem dude, without knowing what was up.


Finally! Got to the discount Faust with only 1hp but my counting did not let me down. Didn’t actually have a vanguard until floor 5 but i had a item than gave me 20 starting DP so didn’t matter that most of my best units were high DP.


Got my first win!

I had Chen with the relic that gives guards +2 sp every time they attack, which was fun.

I thought Faust was going to screw me again but the node before the boss dropped a specialist recruitment and Gravel came to the rescue just in time.


I went 2 wins in a row. (I haven’t spent any shrooms or tried the hard mode yet)

Maybe we should come up with a list of tips to help fight against RNG.

What are people taking to start with?
I’ve been taking the Random Relic if it’s there.
I wouldn’t take the Loot Reclamation though because only having 5 hope really limits your options on the starting tickets.

If I was to rank the 6 I’d do it like this at the moment, though that may change as I learn more:

  1. Random Relic
  2. Pep Talk (+2 hope)
  3. Grab Something (Kettle)
  4. Reserve Support (+5 ingots)
  5. Extra Supplies (+3 life)
  6. Loot Reclamation

As for the starting tickets - ‘the special ticket’ - gives you a freebie - I always take that.
The other two tickets can be 6star/3star or 5star/4star - I’ve been prioritizing damage output early. You can survive without healing into Ch.3 so if you’ve built Ansel/Hibiscus/Spot/Cardigan, they are good starting options if your other ticket allows you to get any of the big damage 6 stars.
Same thing goes if you’ve got some strong 3 stars like Melantha or Kroos built. I would definitely take Melantha/Midnight + Ifrit, over Matoimaru/Frostleaf + Amiya.

What have you guys been doing?