Integrated Strategy #2: Phantom & Crimson Solitaire General Discussion

The most hype gamemode is coming at July 14th, just like the previous Integrated Strategy, feel free to discuss about the gamemode and share your progress here :fgo_gudako:

For first comer

General guide

Overall Spreadsheet

Monthly team

  1. [Monthly Team] is a standalone mode that is different from the [Standard Operation].
  2. The player does not need to own the operators in the preset teams, and the level of the operators are not affected by the one you own.
  3. When exploring using [Monthly Team], you cannot unlock collectible or complete monthly quests but you can still obtain already unlocked collectibles.
  4. When exploring with monthly preset squad, you will unlock the dialogue/communication log of the squad.
  5. There is a menu to check all the unlocked communication log, they are updated everytime a run ends.
  6. There are special rewards for clearing a run with the monthly squad [One-time rewards]
  7. The [Monthly Squad] will be at the beginning of every month
  8. You cannot obtain candles in [Monthly Squad] mode.

This month monthly team consists of

  • Mudrock
  • Vigna
  • Warfarin

Opening period: July 14th, 2022 (Thursday) 10:00 to August 1st, 2022 (Monday) 3:59

Current most used op from each class in CN server


Welfare: 5* Arts Protector ~ Shalem

You can obtain him if you reach lv25

The rest of his tokens can be obtained at every next 5 lv up until lv 50

P/s: Let’s get wild :feh_bigbeauty:



So excited!

I would ask if there is a chance to encounter bosses from Ceobe Fungimist, but I will find out tomorrow :cattea:

Although I’m missing enemy records from Co-op event too.


Mini bosses are still here, but unfortunately, big bosses like Rusthammer Warrior, Frozen Monstrosity and Gravestone are not, we’ll probably see them again if Ceobe Fungimist theme ever get rerun :fgo_shutensip:

I also miss coop mode as well, it was fun to play with peeps in the thread :fgo_coffee:



I wasn’t a fan of the co-op mode. There was barely any interaction it was just like normal arknights with added lag.

But I am a fan of IS, excited to have it back :feh_hridexcited:


I didn’t have any problems with the lag so I enjoyed it alot, it was a fun time when Lei screwed up and letting enemies swarmed the lower floor for me, I’ll welcome it back at anytime with more refined mechanic and better server :fgo_bbsmile:



I see, I see.
You’re saying the game is normally too easy for your big brain, so it’s fun having a bad player like @LeiCiel dragging you down :feh_ethlynlaugh:


At least now I know who to partner up with if we get that mode again. :fgo_gudako:


Saving pretty girl for horny :feh_rein:

Balans is still balans :fgo_gudako:

Hold it off for a lil while, still busy at work


Failed run :catlie:
Jesselton cameo

Last map was too brutal, lots of elemental dmg as expected :fgo_drunkgil:


Finished monthly team mission

In order to get all dialogue ~ 3 parts in total, you have to get to the beginning of the 1st, 3rd and 5th floor :fgo_seibathink:


If you get the 3rd convo are you done?
Do you have to win with the monthly squad?


You basically done with the monthly squad after you reach fifth floor, you can’t unlock anything playing as them anyway, just take the reward and unlock the convo then done :fgo_coffee:




I was so close in killing Lucian, but he had to freaking blink through Surtr then enter blue box :ak_granicry:

At least I reached lv26 after that but damn, what a shame :catlie:


Ok Lucian wrecked me but I guess that’s good enough for monthly squad then.


I will probably have better chance if I can unlock all these :fgo_seibathink:

But bad luck all around, the game keeps giving me sniper and supporter voucher while my team was consisted of Guard and Caster :feh_lucyshrug:


Finally :fgo_insane:

After trying that male 6* run, I realized that Pigeon + Gnosis combo can deal with most of maps in IS, Jaye is real good here, saved me in alot of map, last map was just nuking Lucian as much as possible, who needs wandering medic anyway :fgo_drunkgil:
MVP for the run were

Thanks game for giving me many medic vouchers for me to be able to recruit other class 6* :fgo_gudako:
First ending done, onto the second ending baby :fgo_alterawiggle:



2nd clear at lvl 39 :ak_lappdumb:
So many failed attempts

5 ASPD/5 Ingot, I managed to save the currency to get 70 ASPD thanks to certain relic.
Watching Thorns be speed and Surtr went crazy on the Boss sure gave me a huge satisfaction :fgo_gilgalaugh:



Monthly Squad. Many attempts. Won the boss first time I met them on easy mode, maybe lucky. But with the monthly squad it took two attempts vs the final boss, and many failures on the way. Got lucky with Siracusian relic + Spinach? W did 6K+ dmg per mine. Even 8k max I think?

Normal mode.I lost a few times so I decided to get real serious and scout properly. Victory vs boss on 3rd-5th encounter with him. (after three in easy & monthly squad)

I did a lot of sub-optimal positioning. But whatever. The map center is crossed by pretty much all foes if the blocks aren’t gone, but they can be dealt with individually. Exactly what Amiya, Pramanix & May were deployed for. Also Skalter, else I’d consider something else so the shots are heavy. Else the singers would buff the center guys.

Eh. I think too much. I prioritised observation. And by plan, I would’ve leaked the left armor guys had the first block been destroyed. But the boss barely didn’t make it.

Anyways. The singers won’t activate their skills if all the hits they receive are heavy enough. With Nightingale it should be possible to drop Silverash and a decoy. Heavy snipers might be good too. If the singers are gone before the boss appears, that might be something. I just dropped Specter to thin down the singers. May did the rest.

Also the boss: nerve dmg is horrible. And the deploy zones are inconvenient. Most ranged ops can’t hit the boss without being in his range. and his phantoms also do nerve dmg. Best deploy heavy melee after the boss sits still, probably. A single phantom can up the pressure on ranged ops by a lot. Melee blockers too, ofcourse.

Anyways. A thing about this IS is that intercepting or countering enemies is generally more important than specific stats. Gnosis and Pramanix are really great. But slowing foes from doing their ability just really helps.

Also. Weedy S3 tends to trigger the singers like crazy. Learned the hard way.

Oh yeah. If anyone cares. There’s a +15% atk to guard & snipers relic. (with some mild penalty to casters/supports.) & a -20% foe hp one. Melantha & Spot were good assists. Although I didn’t need them at the end.


Did a run on easy to make myself feel better about the boss battle kicking my ass on normal. I didn’t get overly lucky with relics, but I did get a truckload of meatshields!


I have had a lot of fun stacking those “deal arts on bound/stunned enemies” relics. Ambriel can activate them on global stun, and Mizuki can on low cooldown S2 (Maybe I should build Ethan for this instead).

Operators with unique attack range like Ashlock and Fartooth have found their place on my runs. Fartooth can shoot those singers without triggering them.