Interaction of prf and windsweep Dimitri

So hypothetically, if you have Dimitri with his prf, his and sword enemy’s HP both 100%, dimitri’s speed > than enemy and he has windsweep, could he attack twice without enemy counterattack?

I am just wondering… (Since windsweep is kind of expensive in terms of grails and feathers.)


Yes. In general if you have a forced follow up with a Sweep skill AND you outspeed your enemy by 5, you will double them without retaliation.


He would have to outspeed by 5 to get the natural follow-up as well but yes


I see… Interesting. Thanks!

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It’s sort of similar to the Wary Fighter Hector with Quick Riposte seal trick. Since he has two skills granting him a follow-up, Wary Fighter only negates one of his own, as long as Quick Riposte is active. Not as popular a pick anymore thanks to NFU existing and Axebreaker being more common thanks to Surtr, but still.