Interlude Campaign Part 12 Roll Thread : The Halcyon Interlude of Knights, Conquerors and Healers

Pretty sure you need more than 6 copies of an SR to append everything.

Then again, I’d be happy to be wrong.



I’m not taking him higher than 100 and the bond should be around 12 by then.


On Bradamante’s previous rate up date on this banner I tossed a multi in , not due to urge or rollers itch. Something just told me I’d get her in 1 multi and so I procrastinated by going back and forth in the banner and shop. Eventually I converted the SQ fragments to SQ (30SQ) rolled.

NP4 now & this was the first time I actually rolled for her. I decided a few weeks ago I wanted a side project and she kind of grew on me , but not because of her NP but rather the VA. I also found her visually appealing, unfortunately she will be without skill investment until Apoc Raids but it’s definitely something to look forward to!


Wanted to share this bit. Just got the monthly tickets for the month and decided to roll them for shits and giggles to scratch my gacha itch. Never had any luck with these most of the time and as I was just waiting for the animation to be done, I just can’t believe it that this man just came :

Now I’m a believer of monthly ticket supremacy!