Interlude Campaign: Part 13 Discussion

Hi! I haven’t seen a thread for discussion of the new Servant Interludes, so I thought I’d make one! Apologies if I’ve somehow missed the thread, or if this should be an add-on to an existing thread.

Which Interludes are you looking forward to completing? Which are your favorites? Feel free to let everyone know here!

Holmes’s is probably my favorite out of all of the ones I’ve done so far. I still have to level and ascend William Tell and Lakshmi Bai to unlock theirs, but I spent the afternoon doing the rest, and finished with Sherlock’s.

I wish I’d taken some screenshots of his in particular, but I was too engrossed in the story. :fgo_gudako:


It’s early in the release, so I won’t dump details, but so far I’ve done Reines’, Holmes’, and QSH’s. All were good and actually included lore that tied into the main story.

Not to mention that Reines’ should be done ASAP for her excellent skill upgrade. Our first up-to-50% charger who isn’t a Caster.

And thanks for the bond.


quite enjoyed Sigurd’s and Sherlock’s


Sigurd’s Interlude made me more and more glad that I got him from the 2021 New Year’s GSSR. He’s just so adorable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Ya boy Zhuge Liang finally makes an appearance 5 years into the game.




Holmes’s interlude was lots of fun!


Making Goredolf play Watson in a reenactment of the redacted version that Doyle couldn’t tell because magic hush hush… Explaining how Helena and Holmes had a nice holiday during the great hiatus when Doyle tried to kill off Holmes to stop writing…

And then if you also have access to Moriarty’s interlude…

Serious spoilers

To go from Moriarty laying out his suspicions about Holmes

To Helena flat out asking Holmes if he’s going to do evil

Can’t help but wonder if we’ll get a complete role reversal. Moriarty the Evil servant doing good and Holmes the good servant ending up evil… I’m intrigued to see where this leads :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

Still need to do India Jeanne and Tell


Only did Reines as of now, but very enjoyable story AND amazing buff that follows it.



It does seem like Shinjuku will retroactively be made more important later in Part 2.

Also, nice touch that Holmes met Helena after faking his death.


I’m bond-locked out of the majority of these courtesy of having 4 bond targets locked into my teams, but I did make an appoint to bond Reines back when I first pulled her on the GSSR, so at least I’ve been able to get hers out (and I guess that means I should put her on my support list now). With Medea Lily all pancaked up, I have the freedom to rotate in all the 4-stars I need to unlock interludes for, but I can’t afford another 5* in my bonding loadout without cutting a CE so they’re just gonna have to wait their turn.

Also managed to sneak in Sigurd’s and Tell’s, both of which were very pleasant, if a little lacking in the high-stakes drama I like to see in interludes myself.


Where’s the roll thread for this banner?
I’ll be rolling for Reines and readying my heart to get broken :fgo_reinesoh:


I only have Lakshmi and Tell for this batch. Thought Lakshmi’s interlude was very sweet, especially the ending.


Tell is a character who maximised his screentime. Although he is only a side character in LB4 and has not gotten any spotlight beyond LB4 and his own interlude, it is enough to make him a compelling character.

We learned he is uneasy with the Assassin-like properties in his lore, which looks like a convincing justification for his third append skill to be against Assassins.

It is also interesting to see him stack up against other legendary hunters. Tell has neither Orion’s archery skills and brute strength, nor Atalante’s instinct and finese, but he managed to out-hunt them both through patience, composure and better compatibility with the scenario.

The interlude ended with a reminder why he is a heroic spirit:

The interlude explained William Tell as a heroic spirit: he is not strong or extraordinary by any quantifiable metric, but in the right scenario and environment he will pull through with his composure and experience as a hunter and a father.

If you are a poor mage who cannot sustain more powerful servants and got roped into a HGW that is to be fought in the mountains, Tell sounds like a pretty solid servant to summon.

Of course, I greatly enjoyed the Yagyu cameo as well. His dynamic with Tell and Nobunaga adds more to all three characters. Nobunaga called him cunning for seemingly setting up this hunting session with the three of them, meanwhile Yagyu seemed to just be just having a fun time hunting with two people who interested him.

An interesting translation trivia concerns Nobunaga’s ‘Munerin’ nickname for Munenori, in JP when Nobunaga addresses Yagyu the text looks like this:


The big kanjis are ‘Tajima-no-kami’, while the small katakana above it reads ‘Munerin’. This trend of occasionally putting small letters above a phrase is a quirk of JP which to my knowledge is not carried over to NA at all.

In the NA text, she straight up calls Yagyu ‘Munerin’ in this interlude.

I interpret this JP quirk as Nobunaga actually addressing Yagyu properly as ‘Tajima-no-kami’, but nicknaming him as ‘Munerin’ in her mind. Obviously this subtlety is lost in translation since NA does not do this small letters thing.

Though the next time Nobunaga and Yagyu appears together in an interlude (Vritria’s interlude which obviously is not on NA yet), she directly calls him ‘Munerin’ with the nickname appearing as big text instead of small text hinting that the two are growing closer.

As I said, minor translation trivia, but these sort of things interest me and I have been tracking Yagyu’s numerous cameos outside of his main story roles.




I do wonder how they go about picking servants for story only interludes.


Using Reines’ 50% charge is more of a learning experience than I expected.

For the times I’m not ONLY using her for the 50% charge, the stat spread (and the percentage, to a lesser extent) being so different from Waver changes how and when her skills get used.


Ya, it should take you some time since you spent time learning how to use a Waver. Now you have to spend time learning how to use a devilish sister, good luck. :fgo_bbgrin:

In my case, I don’t have a Waver so it shouldn’t take much time for me.


I don’t see a summon thread for this Campaign, so I’ll put this here.

I made the choice to do a multi-summon and 10 ticket summon. No harm done because Anniversary 6 will appear in 2-3 months; giving me plenty of time to save.

First Multi

Nothing, except a new 4 star CE.

10 Tickets to go

On my final free summon, I got.


I can not believe this! :fgo_ishtarshook:
I wasn’t looking at my screen when the gold card appeared, it shocked me to be honest.

To celebrate the new guests. :feh_crazyeitri:






The Reines interlude was really enjoyable. Of course the big thing was gaining that extra NP charge. But the story element was good. It was kind of nice having a servant dealing with the kind of thing the main cast constantly do. Facing characters (to a degree) that they know but are different versions of that person. A bittersweet moment for Reines, but good for her character.

And it really was fitting to bring up Olga Marie here. Of course it’s not exactly a coincidence that it relates to other things. But it absolutely makes sense considering her presence in Waver’s series.

All the more fun as well having Waver get roped up in this situation. Though I’m sure he knew when Reines first showed up that his life at Chaldea would get all the more complicated.